Testimonials: Push You to Be your Best

We don’t settle. You are awesome. So your application needs to be nothing less than awesome. No matter how many essay drafts, resume revisions, or even waitlist letters it takes, we’re going to push you to do your best work so that your best self shines through.

Someone who genuinely cares about your success

When I first started considering working with an admissions consultant, people around me warned me that my consultant will persuade me to apply to safe schools only because they care so much about their own track records. But my experience with Angela was exactly the opposite.

 I got admitted to my dream school, but ended up not going, because Angela helped me get into an even better one. It's not like I was only aiming for the safe options. My GMAT, GPA, work experience is all below my school average. It's only because Angela gave me the confidence to go for it that I ended up getting into this school.

 Angela is not in it for herself. She genuinely cares for your success. That's why she will push you to aim higher, work with crazy deadlines and still make sure you have the best outcome, and remember the tiniest details about you that even you yourself don't remember.

 She will keep you grounded through the crazy process and keep you focused.


Exceptional Angela!

I have worked with Angela for close to a year, and will be attending MIT Sloan’s full time MBA program.

Angela is an exceptional storyteller, strategist and mentor. First, Angela was amazing in connecting my background and personal stories to my post b school dreams to create a compelling story. Through our interactive brainstorming sessions, we were able to craft a powerful story that served as a foundation to all my applications

Second, not only is Angela an amazing story teller, she is also a veteran in the MBA game. As you may know, there are a lot of false information online (and from your friends/colleagues) that can seriously misguide your application strategy. With Angela’s proven expertise, I was able to select the right programs that had the best fit with me, and strategically determine the application approach (e.g., App round decisions, timing, etc).

Third, Angela deeply cares about her clients. As you may know, b-school application is an intense, pressuring process – and it gets even worse if you have a job that requires you to work 80+ hours a week like me. Despite all the mornings, nights and weekends I put in I unfortunately faced rejections (and you will), and I seriously doubted myself. Getting through rejections was very difficult. However, Angela was there every step of the way, encouraging and mentoring me. I still remember when she told me that I am more than enough, and that everything will turn out just fine – and it did! She will be committed to the process as much as you are, as your cheerleader and friend.

 I would highly recommend working with Angela to anybody applying to business schools. However, don’t forget – Angela alone will not save the world for you. The more you are committed and prepared, the more helpful you will find Angela. So do your homework, come prepared to maximize your learning from her!


Couldn't have done it without her!

I met Angela through the Forte 2016 MBALaunch program. She was sharp, persuasive, and authentic. I respected her from the get-go and immediately felt like we’d get along. When it came time for applications and picking a MBA consultant, I knew Angela would be my top choice.

 I have a wide network of friends/acquaintances that are in the business world, in b-school or are alums. As I was talking to folks to get a pulse of the different schools, I realized that all of them have different opinions which I was getting swayed by, and I needed a sounding board to stay true to myself in this process. A professional that would understand my life story, my goals, my dreams and not let me lose sight of myself as I applied – which is exactly what Angela did!


 Angela essentially knew my entire life story after reading the 25+ brainstorming document I created prior to our first real call. She helped me think through the parts of my story that I wanted to share in that essay. My essay was a very personal life story about what I’m passionate about, why and how that came to be. After it reached a point where I felt it was final, I sent it to a 5 friends for feedback (3 applying to b-school, 1 at HBS and 1 alum). All of them had varying feedback, but they all said that I needed to vastly change my essay or at least ½ of it. One friend forwarded it to her brother. Her brother sent it to an HBS alum, who reached out to me and tore my essay apart. This was a week before the deadline, and he essentially told me I needed to start from scratch and apply round 2.

 After hearing all of this feedback, I went back to Angela – confused and upset. I didn’t know what to do. Angela helped me process the feedback and think through it piece by piece. She fully supported me changing it if I wanted, but she helped me remember that this essay is a true reflection of me and my most honest and authentic answer to HBS’s essay prompt. I decided not making any changes to my essay and turned it in.

 Ultimately, I was accepted into HBS! I was also accepted into Wharton, Kellogg with a sizeable scholarship, and Berkeley.

 I know I couldn’t have applied to 5 schools during round 1 without Angela’s support for 3 of them. She helped me not only be true to myself, but also stay accountable. The MBA Mission turnaround time of 2 days to review submitted documents to consultants helped me not procrastinate and get my apps done in a timely manner. I turned in all 3 of my apps that I worked on with her many days prior to the deadline.


Insightful, Engaging, & Witty!

Angela was by far the highlight of my Forte MBA Launch experience. She led several of the Forte webinars, and also led the Forte kick-off launch session in Houston, TX. I really enjoyed her personal branding session, where we engaged in practice around how to present ourselves in interviews. We practiced discussing successes and failures we had experienced. She pushed us to craft attention-grabbing, detailed, and nuanced descriptions of ourselves and let us know that now was the time to own our successes and failures. Beyond the Forte webinars and sessions, I also had a 30-minute phone consultation with her. At that point, I was unsure if an MBA was the right path for me, and she gave me individualized advice pertaining to my specific situation. After this conversation, I left with a better sense of what the right path for me was. Thank you for your advice, Angela!


An experienced guide, a great partner

With many years of experience writing documents and being a fairly expressive person, I thought writing an essay would not be a problem for me. After tearing up many versions and numerous start-overs, I remembered the presentation Angela made at a MBA fair. So I took up their free consulting offer. Angela was very very helpful in giving me all the reference so I decided to work with her. At first I was worried the essay would not read like my own if I get help. It turns out Angela is very good at facilitating and asking the right questions to help me express myself in the essay. Also her experience helped me avoid common pitfalls in writing an essay. She is a great guide in making writing the essay less agonizing and a great partner in describing me in my essay.


Effective, efficient, and extremely helpful

I worked together with Angela to craft, and edit my essays as well as edit my resume.

The process was amazing, and Angela was very efficient, organized and helpful. We were working on a tight deadline 1.5 weeks from start to finish, to complete the brainstorm, 3 essays and my resume. All of her work was very thoughtful and insightful. Even though we had a tight deadline, she was able to break out the work into batches, and we plugged away at it.

When I was being generic in my responses she was blunt and honest, and did not let our time deadline effect the quality of work. She pushed me ( in a good way ) to uncover my true motivations, feelings, and emotions, and had me effectively express myself them in my essays.

Her editing skills are second to none, and really helped me create essays the flowed, and read well. Some very helpful tips and hints helped to perfect my applications.

I was recently admitted to Stanford GSB and couldn't have done it without her! I would highly recommend her.


Highly Recommend to work with Angela Guido!

I worked with Angela for MBA applications in R1&R2 2015. In R1 I chose Haas and Stanford. Those two schools are known for “”hard to get interview schools””, but I got both interview from them. Stanford is my dream school. It cannot work without Angela's help!

  1. Choose school: Angela is not like other consultant that will say school A would be a stretch for you I will recommend you B, C… Angela never does that, she always say let's try that.
  1. Essay and Resume: Angela is so patience to answer every question I had. I'm so impressed that she can remember every detailed aspect I mentioned to her so she would remind me to use those details when I wrote my essay. Angela cares my success not the service fee. When I started my R2 application, she offered me the help to read my essays for different schools without charging me additional fee. She also did a regular check to see whether she can help.
  1. Interview: Angela provided great mock interview. With the recorded mock interview and the resources for specific schools I can practice a lot.
  1. Waitlist experience: I was unfortunately on two schools WL , but Angela remained optimistic and helped me navigate the waitlist process. Finally I got in both waitlist and got another offer.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Angela and I will go to Sloan this fall. Highly recommend Angela Guido if you need a MBA consultant or a friend to talk about your career goals.


Incredibly Helpful

The advice I have gotten from Angela has been really monumental. I think the thing that different from other coaches is that her no BS attitude that is not all snarky and uptight like other programs or coaches I have experienced.

The thing I appreciate most is that she really does help you present the best version of yourself. For me, I went into this “”wanting help getting in”” but really got the help I needed to actually know myself and my goals well enough to be ready for business school, so this really went beyond the application process for me. Yes, it is about getting in, but that is almost a side impact of really truly knowing who you are, what you want to do, and how to convey that well, and Angela is really the best person to help you do that.


Choose Angela Guido!

After using Manhattan GMAT prep to prepare for the exam, my instructor told me she would pair me with mbaMission's best consultant, Angela Guido. I was already impressed by the strong recommendation, but during the free consultation with Angela I was further impressed with the candor she spoke of my candidacy, the concrete advice she provided me, and the fact that she did not try to push her consulting services on me. I decided to work with Angela on a 2 school Complete-Start-to-Finish Package and I would highly recommend Angela to anyone comparing MBA admissions consultants.

Before the school applications were even released, Angela worked with me through 13 revisions of my resume. She dissected every sentence and we worked through every word, “”de-jargoning”” my resume. I later sent my resume to a friend (and Kellogg admissions fellow whose opinions I trust greatly), and he informed me that my resume was the best he'd seen. I attribute this praise to Angela solely.

Angela, was very responsive to my correspondence, often returning multiple drafts of documents within a single day. Aside from resume prep, Angela's greatest strength in my view is her ability to pick out the aspects of my background that led to major life decisions I'd made, and subsequently articulate these insights on my application.


I can't recommend Angela highly enough. If you plan to use a consultant, Angela should be your first choice. If you aren't planning to use a consultant, Angela Guido should be a strong reason to reconsider.

I was admitted to Wharton, Sloan, and Booth and I know that I couldn't have done it without Angela.


Angela's help led me to success

I used Angela Guido. She was very helpful from the start. I came into the process having done a lot of research. I was already in essay writing mode, and thought my essays were in good shape. Angela forced me to reevaluate my essays and show me how I could articulate my stories in a much more efficient way. She also challenged me to come up with better stories and experiences from my past. Her interview preparation and tips were also very helpful. I would not have been so successful without her help.


Angela Guido - All-In-One

To set the scene: It was mid-October. I had just taken the GMAT for the first time and was uninterested in repeating the ordeal. I had not yet opened an application much less determined to which schools I would apply. I also had neither a resume nor a solid narrative as to exactly why I needed to attend business school, yet I was adamant about applying in Round 2 – some 10 weeks later – and to some assortment of top tier schools no less. I realized quickly that I was ill-prepared.

Enter Angela.

Angela provided the necessary candor and experience to appropriately set my admissions expectations and to focus my list of schools. She diligently culled through my life story to help me develop my “”why business school”” narrative and accentuate my unique characteristics that set me apart from other applicants – both of which allowed me to gain a better sense of self. She aided my choosing appropriate essay topics (which is more difficult than one expects) and perfecting those stories through countless drafts. She instilled a greater confidence and speed in my writing, qualities that I had always lacked. She helped me pull together a resume from scratch in under 24 hours, coached me on interview questions, and answered countless paranoid e-mails. And when I was initially waitlisted at seemingly all of my schools, she enthusiastically motivated me to continue fighting for admission until I achieved just that.

The cost might be steep, but one is not gaining just an advisor in Angela. One is gaining a coach, a psychiatrist, an editor, a mentor, a confidant, a cheerleader, and a friend. And I truly needed all of those to have gained admission to a Top 5 school – my dream school, no less.

 Thank you, Angela. I hope others will benefit from your exceptional, all-in-one skills as I did.


Wow...what a great decision to go with Angela!!!!

When I decided to start the process of applying for MBA programs, I knew that I wanted to work with an admissions consultant that would encourage me, push me and be honest with me every step of the way. I have a “non-traditional” background, and so I also knew that I needed to put my strongest foot forward in my essays; I had to communicate my story convincingly and passionately, in a way that would make it hard for the Adcom to ding me. I spent a long time evaluating different admissions consulting services. There are so many consulting services out there, but as soon as I spoke with Angela Guido, I knew I’d found what I was looking for.

From the start, Angela struck the balance between providing an honest assessment of my chances at my target schools and enthusiastically motivating me to stretch for my dreams. Together, we carefully assessed which schools that would be the best fit. Then the real work started! Angela was awesome to work with during the initial brainstorming…she quickly got to the root of my best stories and experiences and together we decided on the most effective approach to highlight my best strengths in each essay.

When I finished drafting my first “failure” essay for one of my target schools and got feedback from Angela, I quickly realized that she would be a major asset throughout the process. She immediately could sense that I was holding something back in my essay…that I perhaps hadn’t fully owned up to my failure. It came as a surprise to me that working with Angela to perfect my failure essay actually made me realize there were aspects of the story that I hadn’t even faced up to after all this time!

Angela is without question a perfectionist, and she pushed me to be simultaneously economical with my words, and eloquent with my ideas. We went through so many drafts of my essays that I was practically dreaming the words in my sleep! But that’s what it takes to get into a top school today…its intensely competitive and working with Angela gave me the edge I needed to tell my story convincingly and passionately.

She worked me hard, and never settled for an average essay! There were so many times where I felt like I’d never get my ideas right, but she stayed positive and enthusiastic, especially in those moments! At the end of the process when I hit the submit button, I had no doubt that I’d been honest with myself and the adcom, and had done the very best possible job.

If you are thinking about starting the process for applying for an MBA at a top school, I strongly recommend Angela. In my personal opinion, the competition for spots at top MBA programs has become incredibly fierce, and the talent pool is global, and it was awesome having someone in my corner throughout the process. I have no doubt that working with Angela and having her challenge my ideas, push me in my writing, bringing the best out of each paragraph, sentence and word is what got me in the door with my target schools. I recently got the news that I have been accepted at Chicago Booth, and I know that Angela was a huge part of helping me find success in this very challenging process!

 Thanks for everything Angela!


Completely worth it!

Working with Angela has been great. When I was doing my search for a company and a consultant that would help me get into my targeted schools (top 10) I run across different opinions. For example, one of the top consultants in MBA admissions, from a very prestigious company, recommend me to apply in 1 or 2 years, because he felt I wasn’t ready to get admitted into any of my targeted schools this year. This really affected me and brought me down, but I was lucky enough to meet Angela, who raised my hopes, believing in me from the very beginning.

 Through our journey, Angela helped me to understand which were my strengths and weaknesses and what I really wanted to do in my future professional life. This was essential in all the process, from essays to the interview, I felt confidence in a way I know I couldn’t have without Angela’s help. Finally, I was admitted into my dream school, Tuck School of Business. I can’t recommend enough Angela’s help to anyone looking for MBA admissions consulting, she really knows the game and is a great person.


Totally worth it - Angela is one of the best out there!

The road to getting admitted to a top B school is very challenging and competitive and in the myriad of things to consider, prepare for and balance during the whole application process, its easy to feel completely buried and make wrong decisions. The best decision which I took during my MBA application was to take the services of Angela during my application process, even though I did not realize it when I took it. Like many students , I had full faith in my capabilities and with a 700 plus GRE score, I was not sure if I needed to take this service initially – but I am glad I did. At the end of it you will realize that the money you spend upfront was totally worth it and more.

I chose Angela Guido as my consultant and I consider myself very lucky to have worked with her and I am sure all her clients do. Angela is extremely professional, capable and creative with an outstanding professional profile. However, what is exceptional about Angela is that she truly connects with her clients and despite being extremely professional, you know that she truly cares about the quality of your work. However, one should only decide to work with Angela if they are ready to give in their best – because she settles for nothing but the best. Angela has a knack for bringing out the best in you through your stories. She is frank and will accurately point out the strengths and weaknesses of your candidacy. I am happy to say that I got into my target school, one of the top B schools in the country, thanks to having worked with Angela – working with her helped me think and express my stories in a way I would not have thought of otherwise. Like all good consultants out there she will not write any part of the essay for you – but will give you enough guidance to make you think in the right direction and deliver your best. Also, despite being a perfectionist, she will boost your confidence enough at the time you need the most. She is definitely one of the best admission consultants out there and I very much recommend her if you are serious about getting into your target schools!


Great optimism, realistic goals

Compared with other consultants to whom I have spoken, Angela is the most forthcoming and genuinely interested, giving me insight into the admissions process and my own position as a candidate. Other consultants to whom I have spoken either tried to push me towards easily achievable schools or gave me unrealistic expectations, without expanding on how they intend to get me to the suggested “”reach”” schools. Although optimistic, Angela does not sugar-coat any issues, speaking honestly from her experience and these are exactly the qualities for which I am looking.


Admitted to Booth and Kellogg Part Time

I was admitted to the part time programs at Booth and Kellogg. My GMAT was 80 percentile, so I knew that the qualitative components of the application would need to be top notch.

 I did a FREE 30 minute consultation with Angela Guido. I specifically chose her because she is a Booth alum and is very familiar with the Chicago MBA landscape. She also had great reviews and a reputation for story telling. After going through the application process, I now believe that story telling is the #1 most important aspect of a successful MBA application. A quality story and personal brand can absolutely compensate for weaknesses in other areas of your application…and this is something that you have 100% control over.

 General Experience:

 I was surprised by the amount of ground we covered in 30 minutes and the high quality feedback that Angela provided in such a short time. I had three pages of useful notes by the end of the call. This wasn't a session to upsell me on services, this was quality conversation for 30 minutes straight and I felt that Angela genuinely wanted to help me.

 Angela knows her stuff and was immediately able to identify areas of concern in my overall application package. She was super easy to talk to and made me feel comfortable despite the fact that I was exposing myself for constructive feedback.

 I feel like I was set on the right path and was given useful feedback to use immediately. I'm confident that she could add extensive high quality feedback through a regular consultation package after seeing what she can do in 30 minutes.

 Immediate Value Gained:

 The most valuable feedback I got was on my resume. Moving from showing responsibilities to showing impacts and how to do this. This was sort of a wake up call for me overall and translated into viewing the components of my overall application in a completely different way.

 Angela also gave me a lot of feedback on areas of my experience to highlight that would resonate with the adcoms of both schools.

 I felt like it was a great use of 30 minutes because I was able to takeaway very specific pieces of feedback and was able to apply general feedback to the overall application.

 I would recommend Angela to anyone going through the MBA application process.


MBA Consultant Review - Angela Guido (AKA the rockstar)

Two years ago I started thinking about applying to business school and it seems like a very far away dream. I met Angela through a workshop she gave for the Forte MBA Launch, and I was amazed by her positive energy and ability to make something very complex like storytelling seem so simple. I decided to have her as my MBA Admissions Consultant.

The business school application process is long and exhausting at times, but with Angela it became a lot easier. She gave me a lot of material to go through to help guide my decision on which business school I should apply to, and what a good GMAT score looked like for my profile. I ended up not getting a stelar GMAT score, but because of my overall story Angela made me feel confident that my application was strong enough as it was.

The best part about working with Angela was her ability to highlight the best pieces of my story in a way that I myself couldn't. Sometimes we accomplish something and we don't realize how big of an accomplishment it is until someone from the outside reinforces it, and that's exactly what Angela did. She helped me see my story with a different eye, and with that I was able to create a solid business school application that truly represented the best version of myself. I would not have been able to do so without Angela.

Before working with Angela, I had incredible fear about the interview process. I wasn't sure that what I had to say was enough. Angela and I had a few mock interview sessions in which she gave me great feedback and most of all made me feel confident enough to walk on interviews and not feel nervous at all. I was so confident on my story, and I knew so much about it that in the end I wasn't worried about doing well on the interview or not. I just wanted to be my best self, be true to my values, and let the process do what it's supposed to do.

 With Angela's help, I was accepted at Booth, MIT Sloan, and Kellogg. Kellogg had always been my first choice, and I was lucky enough to also receive a Fellowship from them.

 If you are considering Angela as a consultant for you, it's a no-brainer: DO IT and you won't regret!


Here's someone who truly wants you to succeed

Through the Forte MBA Launch program, I worked with Angela through a series of workshops – self-awareness, storytelling, MBA resume protocol, career game plan, and essay writing tips.

All her workshops have been very insightful and helpful. Time and time you will hear again that the MBA process is quite rewarding as you get to learn more about yourself. However, introspection is not easy. Angela made this challenge easier to tackle with her self-awareness workshop. If you use this effectively, it really will set the stage for our application process (post GMAT).

I walked away from each session with digestible and actionable information. I knew what steps I needed to take to use her advice. I found this as key because it's not easy transform all the advice into next steps, but Angela did a great job.

Before I engaged with Angela, I was set on my GMAT. One of my only worries has been essay writing (or storytelling as she'll tell you) and these workshops have given me a great tool kit to rely on.

 The Boot Camp is a great way to kick start your application process and Angela's passion to truly help you will only enhance your journey.


Angela is a rock star!

I’m convinced that I wouldn’t be matriculating at my dream M7 school this year without Angela’s support. I was on the fence about hiring a consultant, but after reading what so many happy people had to say, I really wanted to work with her. I’m part of very large and highly competitive demographic of applicants, and have an average GMAT score and weak GPA from a less known university. Although I’ve performed well in my professional life, due to some personal challenges I had a weak foundation and didn’t start achieving stronger results until my senior year in college. Angela was instrumental in helping me tell my story in a cohesive, compelling and impactful way. Some highlights are that she:

– Gives truly tailored advice: Angela helped me identify unique aspects about my profile and use them to effectively differentiate myself, considering my demographic, professional, and academic backgrounds to ensure that I had the best chance of standing out. I was blown away by her ability to digest information. I bombarded her with a MASSIVE brain dump in our brainstorming document, and she swiftly cut through and captured the essence of my story. Her evaluation and suggestions were spot on with the themes I wanted to emphasize to the adcom.

– Inspires you to aspire: When I started the application process, I wasn’t sure how my profile stacked up so I was aiming for schools in the top 20-30. Angela encouraged me to aim higher and gave me the confidence to apply for top 10 schools, and I got accepted to two (one from the M7)! This is the single most valuable thing she did for me, since I might not have applied to these schools otherwise. For applicants suffering from “imposter syndrome” or a lack of confidence, Angela can change your trajectory. I felt like she took it as a personal challenge to shoot for “stretch” schools, rather than convincing me to apply to a bunch of safety schools to pad her stats. Having said that, she was also very realistic about my chances, which leads me to my next point.

– Keeps it real: I really valued Angela’s brutal honestly and bluntness. She doesn’t beat around the bush and when time is of the essence, this is really crucial. I valued how open she was about the strengths and weaknesses in my profile, because it kept me focused. Make no mistake, she will help brainstorm ways to mitigate weaknesses in your application, but places much more emphasis on telling your story and highlighting strengths.

– Educates and develops: Angela will let you struggle to find your own “voice” to ensure that your personality comes through – she isn’t afraid to subject you to short-term pain for long-term gain. Instead of just telling me what to write, she would share her knowledge and experience with me so that I could become a more effective and informed writer myself. As a result, each application I worked on became easier with fewer revisions and edits.

– Maximizes efficiency: She helped brainstorm different ways to express key points to make the most of the word limits, while making sure I provided a balanced representation of myself. It’s easy to get tunnel vision while writing essays, and Angela saved me precious time and energy by providing feedback on what NOT to write about and what to cut in order to save space. She helps make every word count.

– Sticks with you: In addition to providing stellar feedback on all aspects of my application, Angela provided a level of emotional and moral support that got me through the toughest parts of the application process (i.e. waiting for interview invitations and decisions). Things came down to the wire for me. I was admitted by two schools with late R1 decision deadlines. When I hadn’t heard anything but bad news from other schools in the preceding weeks, I felt doomed. Angela kept the faith and cheered me on, sharing in the bad times. I never got the sense that she was ignoring me to devote more time to other clients with more promising outlooks. In the end the wait paid off.

Overall, I couldn’t be more thrilled. Angela went beyond what I expected from a consultant and helped me realize a dream that I once thought was impossible to achieve. Thank you so much, Angela. You’re amazing!