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What’s the Best MBA Program for your Career?

What’s the best business school if you want a high paid career in tech and finance? We’ve collected data on the top 30 US business schools and analysed it for you, so you can be informed about MBA careers, salary and the “real real” of post-MBA jobs before you apply! 

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Interview book

Interview Hero:
How to Ace Your Interviews, Find Your Voice, and Direct the Narrative of Your Life

This book will help you transform interviewing from painful interrogation to enjoyable conversations that enable you to connect with your interviewer and showcase your awesomeness without seeming arrogant.

Networking book

How to Network Without Feeling Like an A-Hole

This book breaks down the process of building genuine professional friendships into a series of fool-proof steps, from how to survive networking events to how to turn new contacts into lifelong friends, all with zero douchebag factor.

What we’re reading these days:

Letting Go

Our favorite modern thinker introduces a technique to surrender all negative emotion and achieve a higher level of consciousness.


This book about the structure of belonging and community is essential reading for anyone who hopes to lead real positive change in this world.

Ask and It is Given

This the book that launched the whole Law of Attraction movement. Hear from its source what it's all about. We think you might like it.

Power vs. Force

An indispensible tool for advancing your personal level of consciousness; this book explains the map of consciousness and how it influences reality.

What Type am I?

If you're curious about the Myers Briggs Personality framework and want to dig much deeper into its subtleties, this book is for you.

Strengthsfinder 2.0

This framework will reveal to you strengths you never conceived of and help point you in the direction of your dream career.

Pathways to Bliss

The inventor/discoverer of the Hero's Journey gives advice for elevating one's own existence using the power of myths and the symbols we live by.


Originally a guide for screenwriters, this book taught us a lot of what we know about the power of narrative and how to construct a great one.

The 2 Hour Job Search

The title says it all and it really works. Follow Duke's director of career services' advice to simplify company targeting and networking in job search times.