Angela Guido

Well hello there!!

Welcome to my page. This is me. A student of human nature. I help people achieve their career goals and gain admission to top MBA programs.

Angela Guido

Well hello there!!

Welcome to my page. This is me. A student of human nature.
I help people achieve their career goals and gain admission to top MBA programs.

I just loooooove bios, don’t you? LOL. (eyeroll) How about a fun fact instead?

When I graduated from college with a degree in Philosophy, I had two job offers: One working with a reputable market research firm that consulted big companies on consumer insights, and one teaching English to three-year-olds in South Korea.

I chose the latter.

It made no sense to friends and family (nor even, at the time, to me completely), but it reveals everything you need to know about me:

  • I am much more interested in working with actual humans than with data about them.
  • I care more about helping people grow than about helping companies sell them more stuff.
  • I favor adventure and the unknown over the predictable and stable.
  • I am willing to go to the ends of the earth to help someone improve themselves.
  • I love kimchi.

The kimchi part I would learn later.

I hadn’t tried Korean food yet, nor did I speak a single word of Korean when I boarded my very first international flight to Seoul.

The journey to discover what all this meant for my life, my career, and my life’s purpose would take another decade and bring me through apprenticeship in several incredible organizations, including:

All of that ultimately led me here, to Career Protocol, where – for the past decade – I’ve been helping extraordinary people discover their purpose, achieve remarkable impact, and have more fun at work.

This website, our courses, and our services are the culmination of all my learnings and very best tools. If you work with us, you’ll have the chance to circumvent years of trial-and-error-learning and quickly build competency in the career and self-management skills required for long term success: self-awareness, communication, and relationship-building.

No more questions?

If that answers all your questions and you want to consider working with us. Take 3 minutes to fill out this survey and start your journey with Career Protocol today. But if you are like most people, you probably have a few more questions. Here are some I get a lot.

Why should I listen to you?

You really shouldn’t ever listen to anyone.

Or rather, you should. You should listen to anyone who seems credible to you.

But you shouldn’t do what they say or internalize their advice until you’ve tried it on for yourself, experienced it, and figured out if it fits you. In the end, we really only learn through experience, not by being told stuff.

OK fine, then are you credible?

That’s for you to decide. Here is some info that will help you do that. More about my experience and education:

Some stuff I’ve studied

Some companies I’ve worked for

Some places I have delivered training:

Some of the business schools I have helped my clients gain admission to: 

Some of the companies my clients have worked and gotten jobs at:

Here is a burping unicorn.

Here is some of the most relevant and recent content I have created. Start here and here and here.

Here is what some people have said about working with me on LinkedInPoets&Quants, and Career Protocol.

Here I am doing my thing and making funny faces on YouTube

I see!!! So that means I should take your advice?

Like I said before, don’t take my word for it. Take one of my ideas or frameworks or tips and try it on.

I’ve put a ton of content out there, so you’ve got lots to work with.

Then check and see: Does it make your life better? Does it help you advance your career? Does it make you happier? If so, keep it. If it doesn’t do at least one of those things, then chuck it and try another one.

Whaddaya mean, “framework”?

Ah yes, sorry. As a former management consultant, I forget that not everyone is obsessed with frameworks like I am. A framework is just a way to simplify a complex issue, idea, decision, or process into an intuitive diagram. Frameworks facilitate clearer thinking, better insights, and more confident decisions.

Here’s one I created that I really like:

Now you’ve probably wondered before how to beat the Sunday blues and dread Mondays less, but you might not have known where to start.

If you take a moment and reflect on this framework, you will probably already have an insight or two about what you might want to change to make yourself happier at work. And if you are already happy at work, this framework probably gives you a better idea of why and how to talk about it.

You don’t even have to agree with the framework for it to be useful. It’s meant to give you an easier way to see the big picture and make confident choices.

Why do you want people to have more successful careers?

I don’t. I don’t really care at all about your career. I care about the world being a better place. I care about the fabric of human connection. I care about love.

And I know that if you fulfill your potential, create impact that matches your values and aligns with your purpose, and build genuine human connections and community based on affinity and trust, then I will get what I want, and you will get what you want. Everybody wins.

Your articles don’t seem like the typical career advice stuff. I mean, you use the word “douche”…

Yeah, I mean, as a human, I talk like a human. I use emojis because they capture emotion better than words, and I think gifs are part of what make the internet worth looking at.

That doesn’t mean I won’t teach you how to write a formal email, cover letter, or kick ass resume. It just means I understand that suits are for the board room.

Life is too short to take everything so seriously. Let’s laugh a little more.

So you think you’re pretty funny, huh?

Funny looking, maybe. 

But seriously, I don’t think we can ever laugh enough.

In college, I wrote for the Yale Record, the nation's oldest college humor magazine. In grad school, I produced Follies (a hilarious burlesque show) two years in a row. And when I was the Secretary of the National Junior Classical League (the club for Latin super nerds, if you’ve never heard of it), the minutes I typed up were sprinkled with jokes and verbatims from meetings to inspire people to actually read them.

Communication is everything, and shared laughter is the most sublime form of communication there is.

So I try.

And long winded, I see.

Yeah. True dat.

Does your name mean “Angel Guide”? That seems a little on the nose, doesn’t it?

Hmmm, you’re right, I never thought about that. We have my mom to thank for that prophecy. You should hear my middle name!

So Guido is your real last name?

Yeah. Thanks, “Jersey Shore,” for ruining my life.

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What's your Myers Briggs type?

INFP. I used to think it was ENFJ. Man, was life difficult then. Long story.

And your top 5 Strengthsfinder® strengths?

  1. Activator
  2. Connectedness
  3. Strategic
  4. Learner
  5. Ideation

If you could be an animal, what would you be?

I have no idea. But my psychic French friend says it's a dove.

OK, I’m sold. Where do I start?

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