Testimonials: More Confidence in Yourself

If you wanna BE yourself, you’ve first gotta UNDERSTAND yourself. Through our proprietary You Discovery Process™, you’ll uncover differentiators you never knew you had. Through our in-depth Hollywood Storytelling Training, you’ll discover your unique voice and gain the confidence you’ve always wanted. All while presenting your authentic self to the admissions committee. What could be better than that?

Your go-to person to create value well beyond a successful application

When I was first looking for an MBA consultant all I was asking myself was “Who will get me into a top 10 MBA program?” Having gone through the process successfully, I now know that this wasn’t the right question to ask. Writing successful MBA applications is about understanding who you truly are and connecting the dots in your life meaningfully to tell your story in a compelling and authentic way. The key to unlock the full potential of this insight, to me, was Angela.

I initially connected with Angela because her post-MBA career path was similar to what I was looking to pursue so I thought we would be a good match. Within a few minutes of our first conversation I knew she was the right consultant for me – blunt, honest, fair, fun and easy to talk to; the kind of person who keeps you positive and relaxed as you explore the tough and fundamental questions in your life that are crucial to answer to build a strong MBA application.

After the initial assessment we decided it would be best to defer my application by a year and give me time to grow professionally. To maximize my additional time, I started to work with Angela as my career coach. What started off as a laundry list of things I enjoy, tasks I hate, successes, failures, attributes and values, turned into a deep insight into my purpose and motivations in life. Angela helped me to seek and create opportunities at work that I would thrive in, which in turn made me feel more confident, raised my profile with senior managers and eventually landed me a promotion.

As we transitioned into essay writing for my applications, we were in a good shape: We knew where I was in life, why I was there, where I wanted to be and how the MBA fit into this equation. What fascinated me about Angela at this stage was her ability to take random anecdotes from my life and draw very meaningful and accurate insights of my character. Because Angela had done such an incredible job to help me find and use my inner voice and realize what I really wanted in a career and why, most essay and interview questions became very easy to answer. Even then, her care for getting the best out of me constantly pushed me to do an even better job.

I interviewed with LBS, IESE, Booth and Kellogg, got admitted to all four schools and held a scholarship from two. Ironically, Angela was the one to suggest applying to these four schools. It was on her insistence that particularly one of them would be truly right for me that I explored these options, and I could not be any happier or more grateful for the outcome. In hindsight, I can see why Angela was pushing for these schools over my initial choices.

I am walking away from my experience with Angela with not only a spot at an elite MBA program that is right for me, but also more confidence in my abilities and a deeper level of self-awareness that will be invaluable going into the MBA and beyond. I was looking for an MBA consultant to get me into a top program – little did I know that with Angela I was going to find a mentor, an inspirer, a cheerleader, and most importantly, a friend who I truly enjoyed sharing this very unique journey with. For that and more I will forever be indebted.


Angela Guido: Smart choice

I knew I would benefit from using a MBA consultant but what I received was far more than what I had expected. Angela Guido was my consultant and I knew I would be a good fit after our initial complementary call. Coming from non-English background, I wasn’t particularly confident in writing essays. For this, I had expected her to “fix” my essay to make it more “glamorous”, but instead she guided me to write my essays on my own that would have my unique colors. At times, she would barely tell me to revise my essay even though I thought it sucked, and the other times, she would tell me to completely scrap my essay even though I thought it was a decent draft. Yes, my essays might have had some grammar errors here and there but they truly sounded like my own work. And Angela did a fantastic job guiding me to making that final product. From constructing good stories and a stronger resume to preparing myself as a professional interviewee, she was always there for me. She made me realize who I am, how much I have achieved and what I really wanted to do after business school.

The results were phenomenal: I applied to 8 schools from so-called top 15 schools (I did 5 schools with Angela and I got interview invitations from 7 schools, waitlisted by 3 schools and accepted by 3 schools. I got off the waitlist from one school in the end. I also received $40k scholarship from one school and that’s where I am headed this fall. I was again impressed how Angela kept in mind of my success for the additional 3 schools I did on my own. She was genuinely happy when she heard the great news.

I don’t know if I would have had to same results had I done all these on my own but I highly doubt it. I would highly recommend Angela Guido to anybody considering going to the B-School. You won’t be disappointed by your return on investment. $10k does sound a lot but hey, you’re going to need to spend around $200k during your MBA and an additional $10k can really get you far.


Lucky to work with Angela Guido

I am very lucky to have Angela Guido as my LBS application consultant. I applied LBS in round 3 with a very tight timetable, but got admitted with a scholarship fully covering first year tuition. Without Angela's strong help, sincere encouragement and infectious enthusiasm, I could never achieve that.

Angela was very engaged in my whole application process. She is more like a friend and mentor, who genuinely wanted me to have the best and spared no efforts to help me to attain that.

Angela is very very nice yet never hesitated to give me candid and honest feedback. I applied for two other schools in round 2 before working with Angela and got no interview invitations then. I wanted MBA this year very much and began to be a bit panic but didn't know what was going wrong in those applications until my thirty minutes free consultation with Angela. She listened to my previous application strategy carefully and pointed out that my weakness in career planning (Angela is also career consultant and gave me constructive feedback and advices on how to leverage my past experience to break into a new industry and then finally achieve my LT goals. She did that with solid placement statistics, broad knowledge in various industry and quick but sound analysis of my specific case).

 Among other things, I especially appreciate Angela in below areas:

  1. Her insights. I didn't find my edge during my previous applications, and thus while my applications had a complete and cohesive story, I cannot be remembered by adcom with a simple statement. But Angela helped me find my competitive advantage (balanced creative and logic capabilities) in our brainstorm stage after I complete a long list of questions. I really appreciate that because to me, MBA is not just about school application, but also self-reflection and self-exploration. Angela is so smart and experienced that she easily identified my strongest areas and I feel like she knows me for a long time and knows me better than myself.
  2. Her encouragement. Essay writing and editing is a long and exhausting process. Sometimes I struggled to find the right angle to tell the story, while other times, I was not satisfied with what I wrote or had no idea about how to further improve it. Angela gave very specific comments about how to improve and she can always find my shining point or good paragraphs to cheer me up. It is extremely important when I was frustrated because of the time constrain. Angela believed in me which gave me a lot of confidence and inspired me to find something important of my experience I neglected previously.
  3. Her knowledge. Angela really knows what makes a great essay and how to have your essay be remembered by adcom. After selecting the most impactful stories to tell, as an experience screenwriter, Angela taught me a lot on how to develop a story, how to make it more personal and how to convey the passion between lines. It is super helpful not only in terms of mba application, but also writing and presentation in general and to master the technique of storytelling really has a lifelong benefit. Besides, her golden advice of interview really helped me excel in two interviews.
  4. Her dedication. Angela worked very hard to help me on my essays, letter of recommendations, short questions, resumes and scholarship essays. Personally, I am not very disciplined. However, I faced a very tight timeline. Angela helped me come out a feasible timetable and structured the whole application process which forced me to work in a very efficient manner. Angela was there for me during the entire process which really beyond her job descriptions – I greatly appreciate her advice on scholarship bargaining, school decision, career development and arts (my interest) around school.

Together with Angela, I achieved something marvellous that I could not achieve otherwise. I am beyond thankful! 


A year long process with Angela lead to fruition!

I really need to sit down and think through my stories in the past year – stories that both Angela and I developed together. It was June 2015 that I finished my GMAT test and wanted to talk to a professional about my overall competency to a top MBA program. I had initial 30-minute call with two consultants, including Angela. Both of them were supportive of my ambition but with different approaches. What made me decide was the video done by Angela. She wrapped her introduction up with a statement “I want to help people and make people successful”. It touched me because I know that we share the same value. In the next couple of months, I realized the great skills that Angela possesses – the ability to know and understand people, always approach people with supportive manner, integrate pieces of information into a complete package, summarize people’s characteristics into a high level, smells from a small story or simple statement the opportunity to elaborate and expand – innate skills that also take tremendous exercises and hard work. I remember how she captured my intuition when I saw the pictures of Booth’s essay and helped me frame up the two pages document. Beyond her pure hard and soft skills is her willingness to help me at all levels. I was hesitated to ask her to advise me on other schools which are not covered in my purchase package. But she always promptly replied with her clearly structured guidance and advice. I can’t explain how much I appreciate that she has been flexible about the line in the sand. The fruition of my application process is not only the admitted decision from my dream school built on refreshed, solid understanding of my traits and goals but also the luck to meet a coach, a mentor and a friend. So thank you Angela!!!


Angela is a godsend

I first met Angela through the Forte Launch program in February 2017. From the moment she presented how to communicate your life narrative with quotes and tips from Joseph Campbell's, A Hero's Journey, I knew she would be a source I could rely on to help me craft the best version of myself to share with AdCom for bschool apps. All of her webinars were succinct, clear and engaging – particularly, her insight into how to best communicate your accomplishments in your resume and essay. I found her advice inspiring, yet practical. Her resume template and tips were especially helpful and by following the suggestions closely, I was able to make my resume really stand out. Also, I have been using the hero's arc method with all of my essays so far and its been tremendously helpful in making each one a compelling read. Above all, however, Angela has helped me to reframe my approach from “”how to get in”” to “”how to help the adcomm understand who I am.”” This authenticity approach has made the process more enjoyable. Hopefully the adcomm appreciates it as well when they make their decisions! Thank you Angela! 


Review from admitted Columbia student

When I initially began working with Angela, i had vague ideas about what I wanted to get out of an MBA, but what Angela really helped me with was translating my ideas into a concrete story with clear short term and long term goals. Instead of just creating the story for me, Angela asked questions that allowed me to develop the story myself and highlight what I was truly passionate about. After these initial brainstorming sessions, Angela's comments on my essay drafts were not just simple grammar corrections, but were rather insightful and challenged me in a way that resulted in strong, cohesive essays. My essays (and applications) would not have been the same without her help. I enjoyed working with Angela and would recommend her services to anyone! 


A complete game changer for me

I attended these sessions through the Forte Foundation and found Angela's feedback and insight to be invaluable for the admissions process. She was honest and straightforward about perceptions and preparing your best possible application, while still managing to be encouraging.

Angela's exercises in reflection are not easy (notably: Exploring Your Experiences!) but they truly prepared me to think about the “”hows””, “”whats “”, and “”whys”” of getting a b-school education. The exercises have helped me not only to prepare my essays but to be more deliberate in my current role, seeking projects that will aid me in my goals.

I would recommend Angela without reservation to anyone looking to maximize their odds of admissions OR for anyone who is unsure of their goals and their attainability.


Angela has overall made me feel like the MBA is something achievable for me

Angela helped at multiple stages in my application process. In particular the Success Inventory document gave me great tips to start off my journey in thinking about the different things I had achieved and how they all fit together in one narrative.

The workshop I did with Angela early about storytelling on also helped me build confidence and think about a distinct and more interesting way of telling stories without being too formulaic.

In general, listening to Angela has overall made me feel like the MBA is something achievable for me. Actually going through process she also gave tips that will help me in career for the rest of my life, I would definitely recommend her.


Angela was amazing from start to finish

Angela was amazing from start to finish. Her screenwriting background was of tremendous help to me as without her I would not have been able to craft interesting and captivating stories. Above all, it was her ability to have me question and re-question my goals, my stories, and my experiences in order to truly capture the experience and/or lesson learned and utilize it in my essays. By diving deeper and deeper into my experiences, she helped me come up with stories and experiences I never even thought of in such a light, and many of those were the ones that best fit what the essays and schools wanted to know and learn about me. There is no doubt in my mind that without Angela I would not have gotten so many interviews with top MBA schools, nor would I have been admitted to Michigan. 


I am proud and honored to have worked with Angela.

I wanted to sincerely thank you for your very insightful support in my mba admissions process. I am very proud and honored to let you know that I was accepted to a joint JD-MBA program at Northwestern Law and Kellogg Business school, UC Berkeley Haas MBA and UCLA Anderson.

 I must say that your guidance, in-depth understanding, and critical comments improved the content and presentation in my essays as well as the organization of my resume. I had the original mindset of having a more deal oriented resume, but realized that the business school application process is much different from typical finance-related job application process.


Great Experience!

Working with Angela helped me tremendously to build good stories and a stronger resume. Her comments were deeply constructed to address my strengths in the essays and resume in a smart way. Working with Angela enabled me to get a better sense of who I am, my accomplishments, and my future vision. Her feedback was very precise, direct, and constructive. Angela’s feedback helped me to shape the details of my big picture. In addition, her feedback was a great guidance for me because it was easy to follow and build on it in my essays and resume. Angela’s critical feedback made me craft my stories to flow and be solid.

Working with Angela helped improve my efficiency and confidence by unleashing my hidden strength from my past – getting more done faster and with more confidence in the outcome. She is very cooperative, supportive, and flexible and because of that the application process was less stressful with her.

I can say confidently that Angela is willing to help students genuinelyShe is a great adviser and I enjoy working with her. I strongly recommend working with Angela.


Wharton success: thank you Angela Guido!

I'm an education consultant. Because of that it may seem odd that I would actually hire an education consultant to apply to business school – but it ended being a wonderful decision!

Through my own work with my students (I only work with applicants to boarding schools and universities), I have seen how important my guidance has been in their school selection, essay writing, and interview preparation. I have an objective, “”outsider's”” opinion and know the system.

Before my experience applying to MBA programs, I had never thought to use an education consultant. However, because I saw the value I provide to my own students, I knew just how useful having someone's outside perspective – and knowledge of MBA programs and want they are looking for in candidates – could be the make or break of my applications. I did not know how to tell my story, and I did not know the MBA market. I knew I needed an expert.

From the first call I knew that Angela was the consultant for me – call it love at first Skype 🙂

From the beginning, Angela made it clear that she believed in me and in my story, and in the fact that, with the proper application, I had a chance at my dream school – Wharton. As a somewhat nontraditional applicant with a complicated story, having someone confident in my applications was very important to me.

Angela helped me clarify my story and think about my career progression and goals to date in a way that was meaningful, interesting, and effective. I could feel my story making more sense to myself during and after our calls. My resume was a complete mess and Angela patiently walked me through how to make the changes. She never directly told me to do, but rather provided the right guidance, asked the right questions, and helped me develop my own thought process so I could really develop a resume that reflected my strengths and past achievements.

I found her feedback equally helpful when we moved to the essay stage of applications. Angela helped me understand the perspective of each school, and how expectations for essays differed from program to program. As we worked through each essay, I felt increasingly confident about my story and my accomplishments, as well as how to show them. Angela’s feedback helped me re-direct my essays and provide stronger essays, as well as use the right details to suit different schools. While I am a strong writer, I never could have finished my essays as efficiently and confidently without Angela’s expert advice.

Angela also greatly helped with the interview preparation process. By that time, I felt like working with her on my resume and essays had already helped me solidify my stories and achievements so that preparing for interviews did not require much extra work. At this time, I really felt the benefit of working with her: having had the experience of talking through everything with her, having to explain my resume and essay ideas, then using her feedback to develop my ideas and tie everything together had really given me a strong sense of my own story, such that going into an interview seemed very straightforward. We did additional practice questions until I felt comfortable, and I ended up going into the interviews very confidently.

In the end, I received offers to my dream school, Wharton, as well as to MIT, which was also a top choice for me. Angela’s patience, confidence, and professional feedback throughout the process played a major role in my success story – would highly recommend her!


Very inspiring and rewarding experience working with Angela!!!

One of the reasons I was considering an MBA degree was that I knew I had a few fields or functions that I was interested in but I wasn't sure which was the best fit for my passion and strengths. I met Angela through an Forte Foundation event and during which she said “”MBA was one of the best chance for you to do what you love to do.”” This really resonated with me. Angela's view on passion stuck with me and I reached out to her.

The process started with an value assessment and it asked you lots of deep probing questions about your value and experiences that requires you to think back through your life and truly reflect. It took me quite some time and efforts but it was really rewarding. This is not a light touch process. One of the values of working with Angela is that if I didn't work with her, I probably wouldn't go through the self reflection process by myself. At the end, I put in dedicated time and efforts into this process and the partnership with Angela was a big motivation. I am really happy I did as I have the end product, value inventory, which has really helped me to identify and understand my value and passion.

Another very meaningful benefit of working with Angela is her unique and thoughtful perspectives backed with her impressive and extensive academic and professional experiences. After reading through the value inventory, Angela put together two pages of her observation and thoughts on what she finds my strengths, uniqueness and what I could reach with my career. The observation and what role I can aspire to be that she came up herself independently was very insightful and inspiring. Angela's credited opinion really gave me more confidence professionally in pursuing my aspiring career goal.

 If you are someone who values self-awareness, finding your true value and passion in your career, you should definitely consider working with Angela! You will find a very passionate, insightful and experienced mentor and partner. 


Self-discovery with Angela

Last year, I came tantalizingly close to my dream schools…but could not make it. After that experience, I started looking for a consultant to help me figure out specific weaknesses/ shortcomings in my application. After reading all the reviews, choosing Angela was a no brainer. However, I had no idea then the degree of value she would add to my application and to my career.

Her greatest strength is her deep understanding of applicants background and their aspirations. It goes beyond theoretical answers to common goal related B school questions. I am from a nontraditional background (I have another advanced degree) and after learning more about my experiences and strengths, she was the first person to make me realize that management consulting will be a great fit for me. Not only that, she leveraged her own network at a top consulting firm to help me connect with people at the firm and interview there right away. The experience helped me gain lot of internal clarity about my short and long term goals! Angela's personal and professional experiences and her passion for helping people uniquely positions her to be one of the best career counsellor that anyone can hope for.

She is also great with all the basic skills required from a good consultant- from sound editing to innovative essay edits. At the same time, she knows very well the thin line between being meticulous and overthinking it. At multiple times, she helped me relax and enjoy the process by making me realize where I was obsessed with unimportant minutiae.

And her methodology was a clear success! I made it to both of my top choice schools, including Wharton!!

Working with Angela was an exciting journey of self discovery. I gained confidence and self belief in my career goals. Everything else followed from there. That makes her a very unique consultant and especially right for people who are pursuing an MBA as a means to self discovery and not 100% decided on their goals. Thank you Angela! 


Great experience with Angela!

Early last year, I observed Angela lead a seminar for MBA applicants, and I found her approach to storytelling to be very helpful. In the summer, I decided to apply to MBA programs in Round 1. After a consultation with Angela, I knew that she would help me a lot, but like many, I felt unsure of whether working with a consultant was worth the financial investment. I took the plunge because I wanted to feel that I gave my applications my all, and it was absolutely worth it.

I chose to apply to four competitive schools and started working with Angela. When we brainstormed essay ideas, I initially struggled to come up with compelling ones. I held back on discussing various experiences that I didn’t think were relevant to business or leadership. When Angela asked me to talk more about struggles, I brought up these seemingly disparate experiences, and she was able to connect them to reveal an evolution in how I approached my work. She helped develop a framework to write my first essay using these experiences, which made it easier to execute. This helped me get on a roll in crafting all of my essays and made me view my experiences in a new way. I wouldn’t have written about some of the professional experiences that affected me personally if Angela had not helped me realize I could do so appropriately and artfully.

So far, I've received admission to HBS and Wharton, 2 out of 4. It may become 3, as I'm still waiting to hear back from one school. Even if I had not gained admission, I think I would have still felt that working with Angela was beneficial, because the skills you hone are applicable beyond MBA applications. You may not have to write another essay about a time you worked in a team, but you will have to maintain a resume, interview, articulate your value, and be able to tell your story for the rest of your life. Going through this process with Angela improves your ability to do that. You will come out with better self-awareness. The MBA application process can be an intense journey, and it’s nice to have a knowledgeable, supportive friend along the way. 


You should choose Angela.

Angela was a great teacher and friend while I prepared for the application. I am from an Asian country, and I strongly recommend Angela to all candidates including international students who are not good at English. Angela has several years of work experience in Korea, so she understands the Asian culture very well. She perfectly understood what I intended to convey even though my English was poor, and led me in the right direction. I can definitely say that her experience and careful advice was very helpful.

Preparing my essays and resume, I talked to Angela a lot in order to know myself better. She helped me to make simple, but powerful resume. I had fixed and changed my resume eight times while discussing my performance and resume with her, and I was satisfied with my resume. It was focused on my real contributions and performance in my previous companies. I had received consulting from local consultants before I met Angela, and Angela’s advice was much much much greater and more useful than that of a local consultant in my country.

Angela was a wonderful essay teacher. She advised me to show myself genuinely with better expression. We talked a lot about my experience, and I could find my strengths and weaknesses that I did not realize. I could understand better about myself, find good topics, and write good essays using my strengths and even weaknesses. I usually wrote and revised one essay at least five times while discussing about it with her. She sent back my essay and resume very quickly, usually within one and half day from I sent my essays and resume to her. When I received back my essays, they were filled with reviews and questions written in red.

When I prepared interviews with six interview invitations, I also received great care from Angela. My English conversation was poor. However, she encouraged me, kindly corrected my errors, and taught me how to speak more logically with my words. It worked great.

My time zone was different from Angela's, but there was no difficulty in preparing my applications with her. She sacrificed herself even on weekend when it was urgent, and I always received what I needed on time.

I got admissions from several schools including top ten schools that I dreamed, and I know that Angela contributed a lot. Her effort and insight was the best, and I sincerely recommend Angela. 


Angela - The Master

Angela stands out in many different aspects. Angela is very intelligent and very dedicated to her job. During the brainstorming period, Angela challenged me with specific questions to gather as much information as possible. She is a very experienced consultant and she recommended me specific areas of my application that I could improve during the process. I got to know more about me thanks to her. Angela´s communication skills are outstanding and she reviews your essays in a way that help you growth during the process. At the beginning my writing skills were very poor. But thanks to her feedback, always focusing on how I could improve, I improved them a lot. I have used everything I learnt from her in other writing activities such as speeches for Toastmasters with incredible results. Angela is a master at storytelling, the best way to convey your ideas. 


Strategy and guidance to take on MBA admissions process

I’ve had the fortune of working with Angela through the Forté MBA Launch program. She led a number of webinars and workshops on resume, essays, interview prep, and storytelling for MBA applications. In these sessions, Angela shared her knowledge about each aspect of the MBA admissions process with honesty, energy, humor, and thoughtfulness. She has created a number of very useful tools and protocols to navigate each stage of the process, like the Explore Your Experiences Toolkit (https://careerprotocol.com/explore).

 In her workshop on storytelling Angela asked participants to conduct mock interviews with partners, addressing professional successes and failures. We went through the exercise several times, incorporating new tactics into our responses after each run. Angela offered concrete methods for developing our answers into stories with a structured narrative arch. She helped me to transform the raw details of my professional experience into succinct, interesting responses for short essays and interviews.

 In each of her workshops and webinars, Angela emphasizes the importance of developing an authentic connection with the admissions committee through effective storytelling. Each of her workshops encourages productive and useful self-reflection. Her protocols helped me to source a number of ideas for my applications. At times the MBA application process can feel overwhelming, but Angela’s approach combines creativity and introspection with efficiency and structure. Her MBA Resume Protocol (https://careerprotocol.com/mba-resume) perfectly demonstrates this combination. I dare you to get through it without learning something new about yourself! An unexpected benefit of working with Angela is that I now have even greater conviction about my decision to pursue an MBA and my short- and long-term career goals. 


Thought provoking, honest and clear admissions advice!

I was lucky enough to work with Angela through my MBA application process through a series of webinars. Angela's webinars and toolkits are some of the most helpful pieces of advice of gotten throughout my MBA prep journey. In particular, her MBA Resume Protocol is one of the standouts from working with her. It helped me to focus in on both strengthens and weaknesses in my resume and figure out how to actually pull together a resume that reflects my accomplishments, the impact I've had but in a way that totally fits with my personality. I would highly recommend working with Angela on any piece of the admissions process. She is smart, funny and really thoughtful in the time she puts into working with you. She was a great balance of honesty to push you passed the hardest parts of this process as well as cheerleader in keeping you motivated and positive. 


Explore Your Experiences

This review is specifically for the Exploring Your Experiences document provided by Career Protocol Applying to business school is ALLLL about knowing yourself, your strengths, your experiences and your goals. The document is long and requires a lot of time but after finishing it, it has been instrumental in both resume, essay writing, and even chats with alumni and adcoms. DO IT! You will thank yourself later. Lastly, Angela is AWESOME. She has a very warm and welcoming personally which makes it easy to share your experience. She will also be very candid and let you know what you should and should not do when applying. Her advice has really changed the way I approach the application for each school.


Thought-Provoking and Energetic Experience

I really enjoyed hearing and taking down Angela's insights on how to create your personal story for reflection in the MBA program admission essays! She is super energetic and clearly loves her job, plus she's great at it. What I gained the most was from her “”Create Your Story”” workshop and particularly questioned myself on what my greatest accomplishments were and why they were meaningful to me, as well as how I grew by overcoming challenges, both personally and professionally. I realized how key it was to show humility and make an emotional connection with the adcomms. The Experience Exploration toolkit was also a great way to get my thoughts and experiences down on paper.