The Career Discovery Project

For people who want an inspiring career

Whether you’re trying to establish yourself as a top performer, looking to make a change in your career, recruiting for your very first job, or seeking your MBA internship or post-MBA position, we can help you lay a foundation of confidence in yourself, chart your course, and pursue the opportunities best for you while enhancing your professional skillset in the process.

The most fundamental truth
about your career

We live in an era of abundance, a time when many of us are lucky enough to think about fulfilling our potential in life instead of needing to focus only on survival. When you have things this good, you owe it to yourself to do work that is meaningful to you personally.

It’s not going to land in your lap. It’s one that you will create over time through self-awareness, communication, and relationships. If you’re doing your career right, you’ll be continually growing and pursuing more while achieving happiness at work each step of the way.

Getting what you want in life is the natural and effortless consequence of Choosing Up – communicating and connecting based on what’s already awesome about you. That’s what we help you do, because everything you need is already inside you. We’ve cracked the code to professional excellence. And once you learn The Career Protocol, it’s yours forever.

Working 1:1
with a Career Protocol Coach, you will...

Explore and understand your values, strengths, and preferences to build confidence in yourself and generate talking points that allow you to immediately share your awesomeness with confident humility.

Complete our Happy at Work Workshop to identify the tasks, people, impact, and growth that will make you Happy at Work so you can target the right next steps for you.

Create your Career Game Plan to guide your short- and long-term career choices in the direction of your values and desired impact and growth.

How we’ll work together

We're going to guide you step by step to your next career move, including…

  • Our You Discovery™ Process and the Happy at Work™ Workshop
  • Interpretation of your signature Strengthsfinder® strengths
  • Access to all of our proprietary job search and career pivot resources
    (videos, done-for-you templates, frameworks, and workbooks)
  • Three 1:1 phone calls with your Career Protocol Coach
  • Unlimited email access to your Coach during the first two months

What you can count on with our Career Discovery Project

We'll help you make sure you’re ready and confident to capitalize on what's truly special and unique about you so that you are as strong a candidate as possible for the best next role for you.

What you can expect:


Through our proprietary You Discovery™ process, you’ll gain clarity about who you are, what you want, and the values and strengths that will enable top performance in your career


Leveraging our unique frameworks and communication tools, you’ll demystify what it takes to have influence, confidently advancing to your next role and building support for your goals


You’ll feel confident in who you are and the value you have to offer as you build your professional network and target the right roles for you

Program Investment