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It begins.
Once we invite you to join our client community, you’ll join our MBA Portal and get immediate access to all our resources. You’ll have a kick-off call with your personal Coach and get started on the You Discovery™ process.
After you complete our You Discovery™ template, your Coach will create your Life Story PowerPoint. It’s over 15 pages of insights about you, your life, your goals, and your values. Then you’ll have your Awesome Sauce call to cover the many ways in which you are... well... awesome! Then you'll get started figuring out how best to showcase said awesomeness in your first application. (This step also helps build your confidence and motivation for the whole process and will keep you going when things feel rough.)
Career game planning.
Working 1:1 with your Coach, you’ll craft your Long-Term Vision, your Post-MBA Goals, your MBA Program Needs, and your Pre-MBA Tactics. Having a cohesive plan simplifies school selection and research and ensures a stellar application that resonates with the admissions committee.
Research and school selection.
We’ll guide you as you research schools and build relationships with them. We’ll help you iterate on school selection to ensure you’re both aiming high and keeping your feet on the ground. Both dream schools and safeties are in the mix.
Resume construction.
Our MBA Resume Protocol is the bomb. You’ll learn how to think and communicate like a CEO so schools (and future recruiters and managers) get your impact, your excellence, and the value you bring to the table. MBA Career Service professionals frequently identify our clients’ resumes as examples of best practice.
Story shaping.
The best part. We’ll work with you to storyboard your essays, shape your narrative through unlimited drafts, and help you construct stories that show your best self. It’s a new way of communicating who you are, and you’re gonna love it.
Recommender selection and coaching.
We’ll help you choose the best recommenders for you, select your best qualities and anecdotes for them to emphasize, and then guide you as you coach them to write brilliant testimony about you. Then we’ll review their drafts to ensure they are as awesome as possible.
Polishing the odds and ends.
Short answers, your LinkedIn profile, video essays, and more. We’re going to touch every last part of your MBA application for your core schools to ensure that your best self shines forth in each and every piece.
Interview Hero.
Far beyond a simple mock interview, with us, you’re learning the skills to ace any interview in your future. Complete the Interview Hero Training program and then practice your answers directly with your Coach to ensure you’re ready to crush it.
Waitlist guidance and/or scholarship negotiation coaching.
We don’t love the waitlist, but we do love getting people off of it. And we’re good at it. The majority of our waitlisted clients have gotten into a school of their choosing. Once you’re in, we’ll help you negotiate scholarships with your favorite school.
Now that you’re in, it’s time to get ready to make the most of your MBA. Select client alums will join our YOMO (You Only MBA Once) and SPITR (How to be the Smartest Person in the Room, aka Case Interview Hero) programs to lay the groundwork for internship recruiting preparation.
All along the journey.
Connect with your peers in the MBA Tribe. Stay in touch with your to-do list and utilize the resources in our MBA Portal (accessible from all your devices). And join our community huddles, hot seats, and office hours to deepen your understanding of The Choosing Up Method and how to apply the tools of long term career success to your daily life.

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