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Get the
Post-MBA Job
You Really Want!

Gain career clarity and win the job you really want
while mastering a system to actively manage your career
and take your destiny into your own hands.

You need to make the most of your MBA pivot.
So where do you start?



A year-long real-time implementation and coaching program that gives you the skills and tools you need to actively manage your career.

Develop the skills and habits to target the right opportunities, engage and grow your network, and communicate brilliantly so you can get the post-MBA job you really want.

Our comprehensive curriculum is designed
to help you rise above the amazingly talented pool
of your MBA classmates in four simple steps.

Not sure if this program is for you?

Does this sound like you?

You spent countless hours studying for the GMAT, planning and perfecting your essays, nitpicking the heck out of your resume, corralling your busy recommenders, sweating through one or more challenging MBA interviews, and you finally emerged… victorious!!!

You got into one of your top choice MBA programs!

But now you’re starting to turn your eyes toward the mystifying vortex of post-MBA recruiting, scratching your head and wondering…

What do I do now?

If you’re like most rising MBAs, you’re beginning to feel that pressure to get the internship and/or post-MBA job that will justify the massive investment you’re making in your MBA.

Do you feel just a little confused, nervous, or overwhelmed? Big Yikes. But, we hear you.

You are not alone!
We’re here to help

One thing nobody tells you
about MBA admissions is that getting in
is actually the easy part.

No matter how hard you worked studying for the GMAT, crafting your materials, coaching recommenders, and prepping for interviews… it was child’s play compared to MBA recruiting.

How’s that? Think about it. You beat out a lot of competitors to get into the school of your choice.

Now, to get out of it, you’re going to be competing ONLY with other people who also won the admissions competition.

One of the bonuses of getting into a great school is the amazing network of friends and colleagues you’ll build with your extraordinary classmates.

But it’s also what makes recruiting such a beatdown.

Most of our clients report that Impostor Syndrome peaks during business school, but that’s not the biggest concern when it comes to MBA recruiting…

Post-MBA recruiting provides unprecedented, once in a lifetime
access to jobs.

We’re talking companies and positions that you could never secure without the access your MBA provides.

The significance of this opportunity doubles for any international students who want to work in the U.S. post MBA.

If you want to work in one of the handful of jobs that you can only access from an MBA program, you have to make these moments count. You’ll never have the same chance again.

But even if you don’t want one of those elite jobs…

The first job you get out of business school establishes the floor of the rest
of your career.

The more money you’re offered and the stronger that post-MBA job foundation is, the further you’ll go and the more you’ll earn over the lifetime of your career.

Make no mistake, your post-MBA job is a greater determinant of your long-term career success than the brand of your MBA.

Recruiting starts FAST!

It’s a long-cherished myth that the MBA gives you a break from work, time to explore different options, and a chance to figure out what you really want to do.

The unfortunate reality that broadsides most MBAs is that recruiting starts almost immediately.

That’s right. In many top MBA programs, you will be networking with recruiters from day one.

Even at the schools that delay recruiter access, you’ll only have 6-7 weeks to get situated as a student before the floodgates open and you’re expected to present a confident and polished picture of who you are and what you want.

But here’s the good news: Now that you know recruiting is coming at you faster than you can say Boston Consulting Group, you can prepare yourself to make the most of it!!

We’re here to help you make it count because You ONLY MBA Once!

Year after year, we watched our amazing clients work so hard to get into great schools only to end up in jobs they didn’t love post-MBA.

After both we and they had poured so much sweat, love, and tears into their applications, it was heartbreaking to see them fail to get the lift-off they wanted on the other side.

Since career coaching is in our DNA at Career Protocol, we knew we had to do something about it.

And so YOMO was born, to help rising MBAs everywhere.

What if I told you at the end of this program
you would have…

Confidence in who you are and the value you offer employers
Clarity about what you really want for your internship and post-MBA jobs
The executive communication tools to differentiate yourself
Strong relationships to support you in your quest

Wouldn’t you be like…?

You might actually be able to relax and enjoy the first year of your MBA instead of going to the dark place… (you know, that constant state of freakout and paralysis).

Well, guess what? 

will revolutionize your career

The YOMO MBA Recruiting Protocol gives you a comprehensive recruiting system that you can use to create a career you truly LOVE.  

It will help you target and achieve an MBA internship and full-time job that you actually want: one that will meet your needs, challenge you to grow, and allow you to have the impact you want to have. 

What’s more, it will give you a repeatable process to utilize throughout your career. (Most MBAs uplevel themselves by changing jobs 3 or more times in their first 10 years.)   

With YOMO, you’ll always have the confidence to conduct a networked job search and leverage your relationships to get the next opportunity you want.

Here’s what some of our students
have to say:

“The YOMO program helped me to crystallize what I want from my career and articulate it incredibly well…. I found the self-reflection and self-development exercises (which are incredibly well-designed and curated) particularly insightful in the context of the group coaching sessions.”

 Harvard Business School Student

“An absolute must for anyone beginning their MBA journey. This course breaks the MBA experience into digestible pieces and gives you the tools you need to successfully navigate any program. I greatly appreciated the voice of calm and reason.”

Yale School of Management Student

“YOMO taught me how to figure out my focus for MBA recruiting and how to network in a practical and intentional way. As a result of YOMO, I feel confident in navigating the recruiting process with more joy and less overwhelm.”

WashU Olin Business School Student

By the end of YOMO, you’ll have...


Unshakable Self-Confidence

Define and clearly communicate your values and value-adds to any role.


Relationships to draw on

Build a mutually beneficial network within your target companies.


Polish and presentation

Shine from Day 1 with a best-practice LinkedIn profile, resume, cover letter, and much more.


Positioning advantage

Position yourself as a coveted candidate, even for jobs you are underqualified for.

Success stories!

Currently, in my first year at HBS, I enrolled in her YOMO course the summer before school started. It dramatically changed (for the better!) the way I approached networking and searching for opportunities in my target industry.

I’ve leveraged Angela’s techniques to develop more meaningful professional relationships and gain access to new resources... I can absolutely say that Angela’s guidance – both on paper and in conversations – helped me to land my dream internship for the summer. I spoke to her shortly after accepting the offer to share the good news, and even got a little cherry-on-top advice for the road!"

I decided to take YOMO from Career Protocol because, as a potential career switcher I did not know where to start and I thought the summer was a good time to get prepared for the recruiting process. I got much more than I asked for!

Through a structured set of videos, assignments and most importantly, direct coaching with Angela, the course helps you discover and analyze your passions and interests, and fix/improve/or totally rework the basic tools you’ll need to do this... It may sound cheesy but personally, the self-reflection part about my past and future is what I found most valuable.

I feel this has helped me home in on my future career path. I find that invaluable as I feel more focused and prepared to start my Stanford MBA journey.”

What are the benefits?

Still didn't sign up for the masterclass?

If you read any of the following and think, “Yes! This is ME,”
then YOMO is perfect for you: 

You need to make your post-MBA job pivot count.

If you’re headed to business school to alter the course of your career, you know that the post-MBA recruiting job market is your very best chance to set your career on the course that will maximize your future earning potential, impact, and joy. If you’re willing to do the work now to go after what you want, this program will give you the tools to source and earn the best job for you post-MBA. 

You’ve struggled in the past to make a job change, encountered unexpected road blocks, and/or settled for something less than you wanted.

Taking control of your career destiny alone can be difficult. What you need is a mentor (or a few!) who can show you exactly how to approach a job search with enthusiasm, confidence, and all the right tools. Angela, the Career Protocol Team, and YOMO are your best next step.

You’re changing industries, functions, or geographies (or more than one of those) in your post-MBA job.

If you’re changing cultures and leaving behind a lot of what you’ve learned so far in your career for a new industry, function, or geography, then the onus is on you (more than anyone) to convey the value you can bring in a language your new colleagues, companies, and communities will understand. These executive communication lessons are woven throughout every single mission of YOMO. 

You have a big vision for impact or success in your career and you’re not quite sure how to actualize it.

If you’ve ever wondered how you are going become the person you are meant to be through your career, your wondering days are over. The YOMO MBA Recruiting Protocol will teach you The Career Protocol: the set of macroskills that differentiate top performers from everyone else. In addition to helping you create your career vision and game plan, this program will give you the tools to pursue that vision with confidence.

You want to stop living in fear of layoffs or visa constraints and chart your own course to success despite market factors.

There are no guarantees in this world, and bad things happen without warning. But even if you aren’t subject to a bad news event in your career, you will still be seeking to upgrade your career every few years. That is par for the course for post-MBA life. Future-proof your career by building the skills of active career management and effective job searching in this program.

This program might NOT be for you if….

Investing in this program would be an extreme financial burden for you and your family.

An MBA is expensive, to be sure. The YOMO investment is less than 1% of what a full-time MBA program will cost you (and about 25% of the price of a single full-time MBA course). If that 1% helps you maximize your return on the MBA itself, then YOMO will pay for itself many times over during your career. Still, be wise about your own financial situation and make only the investments that you can make without creating unnecessary hardship for yourself and your loved ones.

You’re not able to dedicate at least 30 extra hours over the next 6 months to your recruiting process. 

30 hours is about all YOMO will take you, and we recommend that you do all the work in the 3 months after you sign up. Hopefully you agree that 10 hours per month is a tiny price to pay to upgrade your career and get the post-MBA job you really want. Some top performers spend 5-10 hours a week growing their network and improving their career prospects in and outside their firms, so we think 10 hours a month as you approach your MBA isn’t even a table stakes investment you should be making in yourself. But if you’re not willing to invest those hours, this program is not the right fit for you.

You’re looking for a program that is information ONLY. 

YOMO is an action-based program. We’re not selling information; we’re teaching you new skills, which you need to learn on-the-court live and in action. Networking, communication, and self-awareness can’t be learned in a vacuum. So if you just want information about how recruiting works, this program isn’t the best option for you.

Meet your instructor

Hi, I’m Angela!

I was about 23 years old when I decided my life was going to be all about helping people (including myself) self-actualize and be all they are meant to be. Because that’s how we’re gonna make this planet work for everyone: sharing our gifts, making meaningful connections, and fulfilling our potential and purpose.

It’s also the easiest way to make work more fun. And life is supposed to be fun. So I skilled up.

I've helped thousands of people:

  • Identify their passions
  • Improve their self-awareness and communication skills
  • And increase their confidence

I have advised some of the world’s most important, high-impact, and high potential individuals, and I've been called an empathetic philosopher, masterful story coach, expert confidence builder, and even a “Career Guardian Angel.”

You can read more about what people have said about working with me on LinkedIn, Poets&Quants, or Career Protocol.

Let’s dive deep into YOMO’s curriculum

Missions 1-3
What should I be when I grow up?

We begin by chucking your MBA essays out the window. Even if you passionately believe what you wrote in those essays, your option set has changed, and you owe it to yourself to reassess and consider the possibilities with fresh eyes. Greater self-knowledge is our first goal in YOMO.

  • Learn the secret 4-part formula for being happy at work
  • Discover an inspiring and compelling way to introduce yourself to any recruiter at any company
  • Explore your greatest accomplishments and clarify your transferable experiences
  • Begin to find mentors everywhere
  • Get to know the Course Roadmap

Missions 4, 8, and 10
What matters most to me?

The key to differentiating yourself in any recruiting process is showing self-awareness and values- and trajectory-alignment with the company and role. So in YOMO, we deep dive into your values and career objectives and help you learn to communicate them in the most inspiring way possible.

Home in on your values

  • Complete the Explore Your Values Exercise and determine the direction of your long-term career vision
  • Learn how to research a company and decide if it’s a fit for you in 30 minutes flat
  • Create your Career Wish List and Career Game Plan

Missions 6-7
The foolproof two-step process for getting any job offer

One of the secrets to long-term career success is this: It’s other people (not you) that determine it. Once you graduate from business school and move on to leadership, you will ascend no faster than other people invite you to. So relationship-building is everything. Luckily, that’s a focal point of YOMO.

The 5 macroskills you need to be happy at work

  • Understand the importance of relationships and learn how to build meaningful ones with firm representatives
  • Develop your informational interview script
  • Complete your Success Inventory and lay the groundwork for job interview stories

Missions 9
How do I stand out in a competitive field? (“I'm a nontraditional/career switcher – Help!!”)

Showcasing transferable skills is a simple science that you will learn in this course. Never again will you be afraid to punch slightly (or way) above your paygrade. You will always have the confidence to show them you’re prepared for the challenge.

The fundamentals of good communication

  • Learn how to convey your experiences to any kind of employer so your transferable skills are clear and your candidacy is compelling
  • Perfect your MBA resume and LinkedIn profile
  • Complete your Career Bucket List
  • Learn how to walk anyone through your resume in an inspiring way and pass the airport test

Missions 12-13
How do I get the job, even when I'm less qualified than other candidates?

Underrepresented and non-traditional applicants take note only for roles you’re 80%+ qualified for and start confidently targeting roles with much bigger upsides and steeper learning curves like the old boys do.

Make your strengths REALLY shine

  • Learn how MBA recruiting really works, and get a jumpstart on the things that will drive actual results
  • Learn how to size yourself up against a job description, assessing your strengths and experience gaps
  • Identify your transferable experiences and skills even when they aren’t initially obvious
  • Decide once and for all: Yes consulting, or no consulting?
  • Learn how to use demonstrated passion to address weaknesses in jobs where you are making a sizable career switch
  • Complete the crash course in MBA jobs and develop your full Career Game Plan

Missions 15
How do I keep an open mind about all the options without freaking out?

The goal of YOMO isn’t to make final decisions before you get to campus. It’s to get you ready to proactively and powerfully make choices in real-time. We end the program with final tips for the road so you can flourish when recruiting actually starts.

Your decision framework

  • Create your Decision Framework so you can filter internships and post-MBA jobs based on your values, constraints, and what you really want from your next step
  • Build your 90-Day Plan: the activities, clubs, classes, and experiences you will prioritize in your first term to prepare for your summer internship interviews
  • Graduate!
Throughout the course

Develop your network with expert guidance

The 7 MBA Recruiting Myths You Need to Bust Before B School

Set yourself up for success and launch your MBA recruiting journey right now with MBA Career Coach and Former BCG Recruiter, Angela Guido.

By the way, this is your on ramp to YOMO, You Only MBA Once.
You’re gonna want to check it out.