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Interview Star Deluxe

Our comprehensive Interview Star prep package will teach you how to shine in any job interview.

But don’t wait until you have an interview scheduled. Get started now. Learn how to express your unique value effectively and all of your professional communication will be more powerful.

Here’s the secret to rocking a job interview – we’ll give it to you right now: Confident humility. You have to impress, but also connect.

At Career Protocol, we believe that the best way to develop this skill is to be 100% clear on what matters to you. Our one-of-a-kind Interview Star Deluxe package takes you there.

You’ll work one on one with our founder, Angela Guido, who has helped thousands of clients better understand their own professional value.

  • Self-Reflection

    First, Angela will guide you through Career Protocol’s proprietary self-reflection exercises, which will yield deeper insight into your character, strengths, and unique differentiators.

  • Customized Frameworks

    Then you’ll work directly with Angela to create several customized frameworks that enable you to communicate your accomplishments with confident humility and express your career narrative in an inspiring and compelling way.

  • Mock Interview

    Finally, Angela will give you a thorough mock interview, playing the role of a recruiter for your target job. She’ll guide you to impress and connect as you fully own your story.

At the end of this interactive process, not only will you be ready for your next job interview, you’ll understand what makes you shine so you’ll be ready to tackle any future interview or networking conversation.

This package includes:

– Three 50-minute calls with Angela over the course of one month
– Career Protocol’s Proprietary Tools:

  • Your Story Development Toolkit
  • Your Career Match Keywords and Company Research Template
  • Informational Interview Methodology
  • Your Values Roster
  • Your Personal Introduction Frameworks

– Bonus: A networking plan to launch you into building an effective network

We recommend you complete the package in no more than one month. You’ll need to allow between 5 and 15 hours to do the personal self-reflection exercises in addition to one hour for each of the three calls.

Ready to get started?

What clients are saying:

“Because Angela had done such an incredible job to help me find and use my inner voice and realize what I really wanted in a career and why, most interview questions became very easy to answer. Even then, her care for getting the best out of me constantly pushed me to do an even better job.” – Booth MBA

“Angela offered concrete methods for developing our answers into stories with a structured narrative arch. She helped me to transform the raw details of my professional experience into succinct, interesting responses for interviews.” – HBS MBA

“Before working with Angela, I had incredible fear about the interview process. I wasn’t sure that what I had to say was enough. Angela … gave me great feedback and most of all made me feel confident enough to walk [into] interviews and not feel nervous at all. I was so confident on my story, and I knew so much about it that in the end I wasn’t worried about doing well on the interview or not. I just wanted to be my best self, be true to my values, and let the process do what it’s supposed to do.”– Kellogg MBA

“I owe a great deal of that success to Angela who gave incredible advice on storytelling and preparation while also ensuring I was confident heading into each interview.” – Booth MBA

Interview Shooting Star

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