Awww shucks, I love working with you too!!! Happy to take our work to the next level. Select the hourly package that’s right for you and let’s keep this party going.

Here are a few things you can use it for:

Career Strategy

Make decisions effectively based on your values. Clarify your goals and achieve them faster.

Upward Planning & Management

Design your career blueprint and build the relationships you need to advance.

Network Strategy

Create a meaningful network from scratch, forge professional friendships and get support.

Communication Strategy

Learn to tell your story, share your values, and tout accomplishments with confidence.

Performance Strategy

Craft a plan to excel in your role, get ahead faster, even bounce back from negative feedback.

Oh hi there! I’m Angela. I’ve been doing this stuff for two decades, and I can tell you that you have everything you need to succeed already inside you. I’m just here to help you bring it out, polish it up, and shine.

Let’s do this. We’re gonna help you get what you want in your career. And if I have my way, you’re gonna have a lot more fun on your journey to the top. We’ll improve your communication abilities, emotional intelligence, and relationship-building skills in the process. And we’ll laugh. Oh how we’re gonna laugh.

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What else are Career Protocol’s clients saying?

Good question! Here are a few things our past clients have said about working with Angela.

  • “Angela is an exceptional storyteller, strategist and mentor…. she will be committed to the process as much as you are, as your cheerleader and friend.”
    – MIT Sloan MBA

  • “The X-Factor that makes Angela so awesome is how much fun she is to work with. Every call involved lots of laughter .
    – Duke Fuqua MBA

  • “Working with Angela was an exciting journey of self discovery. I gained confidence and self belief in my career goals. Everything else followed from there.”
    – Wharton MD/MBA

  • “She has an aura about her that immediately makes you comfortable talking to her and sharing all of your deepest, most meaningful stories with her.
    – Duke Fuqua MBA

  • “Angela was outstanding at both helping me figure out who I was and what was important to me. While I had a sense of these things, Angela really helped me hone my sense of myself, then craft a compelling narrative that conveyed that information.”
    – Columbia MBA

  • “She truly and genuinely valued my passions and always reminded me to never waver from them… I was able to dial in on what was important, move on from disappointments, and perceive challenges as opportunities.”
    – Cornell Johnson MBA