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This best-selling online course helps you nail your next job search.

In this interactive online course, Career Protocol founder Angela Guido helps you develop clarity around your goals and values and build the communication tools to go after your ideal job. You’ll benefit from essential tools and resources, an online community, and live monthly calls. Be sure to bring your dancing shoes, because we’re going to have fun along the way!

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Bespoke Consulting Services

High impact career consulting tailored to you.

Set up a one hour call now with one of our expert consultants and find out how good it feels to have a best friend for your career! We’ll help you tackle any challenge you face in your career – whether it’s building an effective network, bouncing back from a tough performance review, or charting a course toward your long term dream job.

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Interview Prep

Our secret sauce takes your interview performance from MEH to WOW.

What’s that secret sauce, you ask? It’s self-awareness, the key to your professional success – and your ability to communicate it to others. Using our proprietary tools, you’ll embark on a journey of self-discovery, and access unlimited self-confidence as you understand your values and achievements more objectively.

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What can Career Protocol help me do?

Upward Planning

We’ll partner with you to craft a career trajectory based on your values, approach your next step methodically, and communicate who you are effectively.

Performance & Growth

We’ll partner with you to help you do your job better, get promoted, and grow in ways that matter to you.

Why should I work with Career Protocol?

Career Protocol is your strategy advisor, best friend, and life coach all rolled into one.

We start by getting to know you “better than your mom does.” – (Quote from an actual client) Then we help you go after your goals and cultivate these skills.

  • Self-Confidence Skills

    Bet you never thought this was a skill. It is. You can master it.

  • Personal Positioning Skills

    Carve out your niche, own your corner of the universe.

  • Effective Communication Skills

    Influence, inspire, and connect with grace, ease, and authenticity.

  • Advanced Relationship Skills

    Create genuine professional friendships; get support for your growth.

  • Strategic Thinking Skills

    Work smarter, advance faster, solve bigger problems.

What makes Career Protocol different?

MBAs, former Management Consultants, career development experts, yada yada yada. That’s us.

More importantly, we believe life is supposed to be fun. For real.

Everything we do starts with our Happy at Work equation:

So you’ll achieve more and have fun doing it.

What can I count on if I work with Career Protocol?

Here’s what some of our clients have said:

  • “An exciting journey of self-discovery”
  • “An MRI of the soul”
  • “Energetic and optimistic but pragmatic and honest/frank”
  • “Truly and genuinely valued my passions and always reminded me to never waver from them.”
  • “The greatest gift that you can receive as you look to aim for the stars [and]… to change the world.”
  • “Help[ed] me find and use my inner voice and realize what I really wanted in a career and why”

OK, I’m sold. How can I work with you?

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