Career Protocol is looking for a few good people to join our team and help empower the next generation of business leaders.

About us

We are instructors. We teach elite self-awareness, communication, and relationship-building skills to the next generation of business and social sector leaders so that they can achieve more impact in their careers. Leveraging a cutting-edge curriculum developed over more than a decade of working with nascent leaders, we instill the values of constant personal growth, genuine human connection, and brilliant communication through practical tools and skills that transform our students’ and clients’ careers.

About you

  • You’ve already chosen a life of service. You are someone who already knows you want to dedicate your career to helping advance the careers and potential of others and thereby expand what’s possible for humanity as a whole.

  • You love people, you love helping them be successful, and you have experience with teaching, mentoring, and training.

  • Did we mention you need to love people? But we mean love like a verb – you know how to make people feel great about who they are, how to uplift and inspire them, and how to be inspired yourself by what’s finest and most special about others.

  • You know how to and enjoy building deep long-term relationships and you love being part of a collaborative team.

  • You have elite written and communication skills yourself.

  • You are a quick learner and flexible thinker. You want to learn and grow and are ready to cast aside anything you think you know and any and all past experience with this kind of work and learn a new way of teaching and developing others.

  • You have an undergraduate degree from an accredited four-year institution, at least 5 years of work experience with important organizations, and a track record of mentorship and teaching.

  • You have multiple references who will attest to the fact that you genuinely care about developing others and do so even when your job doesn’t mandate it.

  • An MBA and/or admissions experience is a big plus, but not a necessity.

About the role

Each year, we add only a few select Associate Instructors to our team. Quality control is high, mentorship and training are deep, and we invest in our people so they can be more valuable to others. So we are looking for people who are in this fulltime and for the long haul. This isn’t a job you can add to an already full plate.

In your first year, while receiving constant mentorship, you will serve a handful of Career Protocol clients and help them develop elite self-awareness, communication, and relationship-building skills on the training ground of the MBA application. You’ll guide your clients each step of the way through every part of the MBA application process as they implement the new skills of storytelling, communication that connects, and value-driven decision-making.

How we’ll help you grow

We’ll help you get up to speed on our curriculum and help you become a better teacher and coach while you serve Career Protocol clients in your first year. As you grow within the organization, we’ll help you cultivate your own spikes (your extra special unique value adds) and develop your own platform, expertise and personal brand as a service provider. Eventually, you’ll have the opportunity to develop new instructors yourself. This is a learning organization, so there will always be more to learn and further to grow.

For example, you may eventually grow beyond the MBA application process into Career Protocol’s other offerings, including other forms of career development, interview coaching, mindfulness and emotional intelligence training, or group instruction. You might one day create and deliver your own programs to the Career Protocol community.

If you love helping other people grow and develop…

and you find fulfillment in seeing other people achieve their dreams, then we’d like you to consider joining our team.

Please submit our application and we will get back to you.