Testimonials: The X Factor

We’re different. You can say it a hundred ways: “We’re psychic.” “We do voodoo magic.” “We make it fun.” “We’re not a coach, we’re your friend.” However you word it, there’s something special about working with us that defies concise description. It’s the biggest reason people want us on their team. See what other folks have said about it:

The Angela Guido Show: 100% Certified Fresh Tomatoes

Angela truly is a ROCKSTAR.

Throughout the entirety of the stressful & arduous process that is B-School Applications, Angela was there as my support system with wise words and humor. If you want to work with someone who will actually make the b-school process FUN, look no further than Angela.

After filling out 20+ pages of her brainstorming document, Angela was immediately able to laser-in on the key storylines & themes that would be the best representation of who I really am and what drives me for my essays. Working with Angela took me on a journey of self-discovery and self-realization. Her no BS, no fluff approach will help you find a true representation of who you are and what unique characteristics make you a great candidate. Angela can't change your stats, but she can help you make the rest of your application the best it can possibly be.

The X-Factor that makes Angela so awesome is how much fun she is to work with. Every call involved lots of laughter and each email was littered with lighthearted emojis. Throughout the process, it felt like I was not just working with a consultant but was working with a friend. She has an aura about her that immediately makes you comfortable talking to her and sharing all of your deepest, most meaningful stories with.

To summarize: if you want to put your best foot forward in the b-school application process AND have fun, work with Angela!

(p.s.- if she had edited this review, she would have cut it down >200% and still gotten the same points across, that's how good she is 🙂 )


You want to work with Angela

I have an unusual profile for an MBA applicant, so early-on I decided that it would be best to work with a consultant. I went on to have 2 free sessions with the biggest consultancies out there. One session felt very general and impersonal, and the other one was with Angela. It was a complete accident that I spoke to Angela. She kind of just randomly chose my name from the list. Best randomness ever! Just in the intro, the free consultation, she was on-target and specific. No general stuff, no blablabla, very focused and directed. It was a clear choice for me to work with her. Plus she has like the best reviews out here. Now, she has one more AMAZING RATING from me.

I could write for ages about the journey I had together with Angela towards reaching my goals. She was there when I was excited, when I was exhausted mentally, when I completely lost it (like I was wondering down the streets, completely brain-dead), but also when I finally got admitted to 3 RAD programs. But I'll try to be more to the point. After 6 months of talking and working together, I see Angela as a friend – to the point that I invited her over to my hometown, to give her a tour. (BOOK YOUR TICKET, ANGELA!)

I have an unusual profile. I know, I know, I said that already. But I was terrified the schools wouldn't see past that. So I had to write down my life story for Angela – I wasn't sure which parts were relevant and which weren't. Angela analyzed everything, and together we selected the best stories to fit into those specific school essays. Her depth of analysis, her multi-angle viewpoint and her power to bring out the VERY BEST out of you is the top feature that you need to remember. That is what you want from your consultant, that is what you need from your consultant. Also, she's like really, really, cool. And supportive. And encouraging. All that plus a bag of chips.

Now, to the specific stuff that is borderline voodoo. I didn't know what schools I should be targeting. Angela said HBS, Kellogg, Wharton, Booth, and after some negotiation with me, we added CBS, and LBS. MARK MY WORDS – from the free intro session in April 2015, she told me: “”You'll be a strong candidate for Booth, Wharton, and Kellogg. HBS is a risk, LBS, and CBS are gonna be more difficult.””

This September, I got rejected from HBS, LBS, and CBS. This December, I got admitted to Booth, Wharton, and Kellogg. But wait, there's more – she was like – yeah, you might end up with a scholarship from Booth. GUESS WHAT? I DID.

So Angela CALLED IT! She actually called the cards in April. This is how well she knows the schools. This is how well she can analyze you based on a 10 minute intro about your life. This is how well she knows where you fit. What more do you want?

So in case you missed the point, I don't only recommend Angela. I would not have wanted to work with anyone else IN THE WORLD but her. And I'm not just saying it, she is my friend, and I feel lucky I got to know her.


So grateful

Angela is amazing and has the best resources! Her MBA Resume Protocol is incredible (check out the career protocol website) and she helps you think through your essays in a way that will make them compelling and a true reflection of yourself. She also helped with my Career Game Plan – the long term vision, medium term strategy, and short term tactics needed to fully share my goals with the MBA program to admissions committee. I'm thankful for all her resources and advice – she is always willing to take the time to answer any questions and is so positive about everyone's experiences.


Angela is awesome!!

Seriously, she's so great. She also knows a whole lot about storytelling and screenwriting, so if you don't have a lot of experience telling stories, she's an amazing asset. For me, as someone working in entertainment, was wonderful to work with someone who knows about my industry.

I applied to five schools (Stanford, Kellogg, Anderson, Stern, and McCombs) and have been accepted with significant scholarships to Kellogg and Anderson, have an offer from McCombs, and have an interview invitation from NYU.

I hope this review was helpful, and good luck to you during your MBA journey!! You got this!


Angela Guido is an MBA guardian angel!

I was a non-traditional applicant who wanted a lot of guidance throughout the process. I sought out Angela specifically because of her involvement with the Forte Foundation.

Angela is very straightforward, but is good humored and easy to work with. She provided valuable feedback and information about virtually every facet of the application, but I never felt like she was nudging me towards a certain school or writing my essays for me. Anyone can point out candidate weaknesses, but Angela had specific ideas about how to “plug the holes” that were all achievable in a constricted timeframe. I appreciated how promptly she responded to my emails and edited my essay drafts. Everything I sent her was returned to me within 48 hours.

The school package is pricey, but I felt like it was money well spent. After I paid, I never felt like Angela was trying to nickel and dime me. I never paid for extra services even though she probably could have charged me in a couple of cases.

 Thanks Angela!


Excellent guidance and direction from Angela

Last year, I applied to several business schools and was denied by all of them. It was pretty discouraging to say the least and I wasn't sure if I really wanted to try again. I decided I would give it another shot with their help.

I had a consultation with Angela and found her to be a great resource in the 30 minutes that we initially spoke. I quickly decided that I wanted to be paired up with her to aid me with some new applications as well as some reapplications.

During the process, Angela helped relieve a lot of the stress I had from the previous year's results. She gave me great advice on how to improve my resume and make my essays more powerful. We were able to work through each essay over a couple week period and I never found her to be unresponsive to any of my inquiries.

With the guidance I received, I was able to gain admission to some great MBA programs and had a tough decision to make in the end on where I wanted to go.

 To anyone considering this service, I would highly recommend working with Angela not only because she is very knowledgeable on the whole application process but also because she is a real genuine person.


11 out of 10!

I had my first visit with Angela Guido over the phone while strolling down the beach in Newport Beach, CA. I had been pondering an MBA for some time, but knew I would need some guidance if I were to have any chance of admission to a top 5 program. Angela came highly recommended to me by a good friend, and she immediately returned my email request for a complimentary phone call. I actually expected a rather formal, stiff, prefabricated assessment, but, wow, was I surprised! Angela was extraordinarily warm, funny, witty and very obviously an expert on MBA Admissions. I knew she had graduated from Yale and U of C Booth, while I have a degree from a 4th tier State School, but she made me feel like her good friend after a few minutes and assured me after hearing my story that I had a great chance of acceptance to a top tier school. She gave me great confidence, while making me feel every bit as competent as her. We spent the next 5 months emailing, texting, sending pics from the US Open and telling jokes while she gave me extremely accurate and powerful advice. I followed every suggestion she offered, and I was admitted to four IVY League MBA Programs. I only applied to 4. What! 4 out of 4?! I was excited to share this noteworthy miracle with Angela, and she responded by telling me she knew it all along. If you want to pursue an MBA degree from a top tier program, you can't miss with Angela in your corner.


My Angela - Full of Grace

You have most likely achieved a fantastic score on the GMAT, boast an impressive GPA from your college or university, and have your sights set on an acceptance to one of the top business schools in the country. I can tell you first hand that all your hard work in undergrad, the grueling hours of your first jobs and the secluded weekends of GMAT studying aren’t enough. Some of the smartest people you will never meet will be rejected from the schools to which you will apply. They will have better grades from a better school, higher GMAT scores, and will have held jobs that makes yours look pedestrian at best. The incredible, almost unbelievable news is that while these variables matter, they are not the only ones that matter and are often not the variables that determine acceptance or rejection at the top schools.

I was a product manager at a medical device company, but before that, I was a salesperson. I had a non-business undergrad major and never considered myself to be an “elite school” kind of guy. In speaking to one of my best friends about applying to business school, he urged me to apply to some of the top programs including Harvard Business School, where he was currently enrolled. I gave a nervous laugh and politely asked him to be serious. He replied “Bud, you have done some pretty incredible stuff so far in your career, even if you don’t think you have.” That’s when he introduced me to Angela.

The chemistry between Angela and I was immediate and while I still wasn’t convinced that I would have a chance at HBS, even with her help, she agreed to take me on as a Round 2 candidate. She was completely upfront about the process. She promised that the output of our time together would be as successful as I wanted it to be, given the amount of effort that I was willing commit. I took her at her word and after a 27 page (single spaced) brainstorming document, countless discussions about what the important themes were throughout my life, and an essay that was edited down from 4500 words after 10 rounds back and forth, I hit the submit button and waited with the hope that I would be awarded an interview and a chance to tell my story in person.

When I walked into the room with my interviewers, they had questions about items in my resume that were less than clear, but mainly, they brought me in to elaborate on the stories that were the fabric of my essay. I was more than happy to relate them in person, and so proud that the stories that Angela helped me to tell were worth 30 minutes of their time.

Angela was right there with me to the end, and she (not my wife nor my mother) was the first person I emailed to celebrate the good news that I had been accepted to Harvard. There is a reason for that. So now, a few words for my friend Angela.

Angela is the greatest gift that you can receive as you look to aim for the stars with this next stage in your pursuit to change the world. She will not do the work for you, but when the world seems as though it has abandoned you and it is you alone that can dictate your fate, you look to your right and there is Angela with you in the foxhole. Throughout the process she wore many hats. She was the cheerleader, the coach, the disciplinarian when I missed an agreed timeline, and the guide that lead me through a deep examination of myself. We are all at a stage in our lives where we believe that this one more thing, this degree or collection of knowledge is the thing that will complete us, transforming us into the people we always wanted to be. What Angela did through her coaching and help in crafting my personal statement was help me realize that the person who I always wanted to be was the person I was already. She showed me through the interpretation of all my answers in my brainstorming document and in her constant probing on the core themes of my essay that this application wasn’t about convincing the admissions committee that I was worthy of their acceptance, but rather about making them aware that I was out there in the world, and that through this introduction, they would have the chance to meet me.

After I was accepted and the whirlwind of transitioning out of work and into school began, I must admit that I had mixed emotions. I was overjoyed that all the hard work had paid off and that I was moving in a direction that I had only dreamed of months before, but I was also a bit sad that the fight was over, and that the transformation and discovery of personal value that Angela had led me through had drawn to a close. Angela did much more than coach me on my personal statement and help me re-format my resume, she objectively evaluated me as a stranger and showed me that who I was deserved the effort that I was about to put in, that the world would be better if I could play a more active role in charting its course, and that my actions and decisions over the past 10 years had made me the person that I hoped that I was. She will always be special to me, and her friendship to this day is a blessing.


Look no further!!!! Consultant, Life Coach, Inspiration, Friend!!!

I met Angela at the Forte MBALaunch 2016 Kick-Off event in Houston (she was a panelist) and through a series of webinars hosted by the MBALaunch program, and from the very beginning I saw in her a genuine individual, with lots of energy, ready to rock and roll. I contacted her in early July 2016, a bit late for R1 applications, and immediately confirmed my interest to work with her for R1, regardless of the tight schedule. What I loved about her was how genuine and straight forward she was when it came to discussing my school choice and the depth in which she wanted to get to know me to gain a better sense of what was the best fit for my goals. She didn't just look at my stats (country of origin, GPA, GMAT score, among others) but went deeper within my experience (personal and professional) to understand my goals and dreams and always encouraged me to apply to my top choices. She helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses in such a way I ended up recognizing extremely important aspects of my life I had, for a long time, taken for granted. Angela became my life coach and led me to discover many attributes, opportunities and room for improvement in other aspects I had completely disregarded as part of the application process. Her good vibes, straight forward advice and awesome energy were key to push myself beyond my limits and deliver three complete applications in less than two months!!!! During the process (essays and brainstorming), she helped me to be 100% empowered with my story, my origins and my goals, regardless of how atypical they were, especially during the interview process, a time in which my nerves skyrocketed!

The results were unbelievable!!! I was accepted to all three (top 5) schools and I'm happy to say that I will be attending HBS in the fall!

As I look back on my application process, I couldn't feel more thankful for having Angela by my side in this self-discovery journey, not only because of the fact that she was key to make this dream come true but also because, thanks to her, I now feel empowered with who I am and ready to keep betting on myself!

I highly recommend reaching out to her. You'll see it for yourselves!


Great consultant

One of the things I loved about working with Angela was how she helped me articulate what I really wanted to do and the unique skills and experiences I would bring to an MBA. After a conversation I had with her about the eclectic activities I had been involved in on campus, my various internships, and what I like to do, Angela was very quick in identifying a pattern in everything I had done so far.

While she was spot on, I had never seen that there was indeed a common string to everything I had done, and I am grateful to her for finding this common thread– which is to bring people together. Working with Angela helped me bring out my most meaningful stories and more deeply understand myself and my greatest passions and accomplishments. She always had creative ideas and helped me articulate my ideas in a much better way. Angela also checked my letter of recommendations and provided feedback to my recommenders so that they would add to my application and express their ideas in the best possible way– it was much better than me telling them what to write.

Angela is also incredibly fun and thoughtful. Not only were our conversations always lively, encouraging, and exciting, but she was also very kind and would regularly check up on my work and encourage me when I was frustrated with the process or the essays. She made the entire process much more manageable and enjoyable than going through it alone! Even after the process was over she wrote to me a few times to see how I was doing– she knows me so well now and I am sure we will keep in touch, she genuinely cares about her clients. I'm so glad I was matched with her!


Luck landed me with Angela

I was so lucky to work with Angela. She was creative, quick, nice and energetic! She helped construct good stories and enabled me to get a better sense of who I am and my accomplishments. The consulting service was helpful in my application journey.


A Champion for Future Leaders

I initially met Angela as a Junior in college through a free profile evaluation. I had recently taken the GMAT and was starting to think about how I would craft my story for my MBA applications. Angela provided candid advice based on her extensive coaching experience and also gave me a strong shot of encouragement to aim high in terms of the schools that I was targeting. I’m very glad that Angela was one of the first people I spoke to.

Over a year later, Angela and I crossed paths again when I joined Forte Foundation’s MBA Launch program. She facilitated a fantastic Webinar regarding approaches to essay writing that helped us to better structure and edit our stories in order to build competitive and authentic applications.

 It’s been an absolute pleasure getting to know Angela better over the years and I’m excited for the value she will continue to create for many ambitious future leaders. I highly recommend working with her.