The One Thing You Need To Know About The Kellogg MBA

The MBA at Northwestern Kellogg is extremely serious about teamwork. In fact, the student-run philosophy even extends to interview prep and career services! The Kellogg MBA is a fantastic place to build or improve the teamwork and leadership skills that will help boost your MBA career, and you’re going to want to know all about it as you apply.

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Hello and welcome back to MBA Monday. I'm Angela Guido, the founder of Career Protocol, a Career Coach and MBA Coach for the last 15 years, and I'm here to help make getting into business school easier and more fun for you. Today I'm talking about the one thing you need to know to get into Kellogg business school.

The Key To Kellogg’s MBA Philosophy

All right, without further Ado here it is the number one thing you need to know about Kellogg business school. It is a team driven culture. Kellogg has a really specific philosophy about what leadership is in 2022 and frankly, in all of time. And that is leadership is not about positional power. It's not about being the boss. It's not about being in charge. It's about influence. It's about inspiring collaboration among people who are, in fact, your peers. And if you think about the nature of reality, isn't that kind of really how it works? Like even if you are someone's boss, it's not like you're the boss of them, right? We all have free will. We all make choices that align with our own interests. So if you want to be a great leader, you really need to get accustomed to inspiring people to align with your vision rather than just telling them what to do. This is Kellogg's philosophy, and their entire school is really built around this idea and this culture. Let me give you one vivid example of how thoroughly Kellogg embraces this notion of student led culture on campus. If you’re going through the recruiting process, on most MBA campuses, especially at top ten schools, there is what we call a Career Services Department. And of course, Kellogg has a Career Services Department, too. The Career Services Department is designed to help you make good choices, prepare your resume, apply for jobs, and prepare for interviews so that you can be successful in getting a summer internship or a full-time job. At Kellogg, a lot of the preparation for recruiting is not done by professionals who work for the school, it's done by your fellow students. So when you're preparing for your consulting case interviews, the people doing mocked interviews with you will be second year students who succeeded in getting internships the year before or people who worked in the companies that you're applying to for your internship or your full-time job. So it's an incredibly mutually supportive, peer-focused culture. So you're going to want to address that in your applications. It's going to be really important when you put together your resume and your essays, and of course as you prepare for your interview, that you can show Kellogg that you're someone who wants to contribute to the people that you work with, the people who work for you, and even your managers. You're going to benefit from the expertise of your classmates at Kellogg, and they're really looking for people who are excited to contribute and learn in this kind of culture. So if you consider yourself great at teamwork, or not so great at teamwork, Kellogg is a great place for you to build your skills and prepare for your post-MBA career as a leader. Just make sure that you can showcase that you value and understand the importance of teamwork and influence without positional power as you go through the application process with Kellogg. Do your research, talk to current students, talk to alumni, really get a feel for what this culture is like because it's truly unique among the MBA programs. I'm wishing you all the best. This has been MBA Monday. I'll see you next week.

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