How Not to Suffer While Waiting for MBA Admission

You've submitted your MBA applications, your future is in the hands of the admissions committee, so what do you do now?

It's an agonizing wait, so Angela Guido is here with 10 (yes, 10, not 3) tips on how to best fill the time between your application and a letter of acceptance to business school.

This is the last episode of MBA Monday for the season! We'll be back next year, but until then, be sure to stick around for videos on how to make the most of your MBA after business school!!

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Welcome back to MBA Monday. I'm Angela Guido, the founder of Career Protocol. Today I'm going to help you survive the wait until you get your answers from MBA programs. Going beyond my usual three buckets, today I've got 10 tips for you on how to survive literally the worst part of the MBA application process: the wait. Why does the wait suck so much? Because there's nothing you can do. If you're applying to business school, you're the kind of person who's used to kicking butt and taking names, to naming goals and going after them, to taking action to get what you want in this life. Well, guess what? After you hit submit, there's nothing you can do. You can just sit there and wait for those business schools to take their sweet time getting back to you about your future. Your destiny, briefly, or so it seems, is in the hands of someone else. But if you did everything right in your applications, if you submitted really inspiring, amazing application essays, you have every reason to be confident. That advice won't mean anything during the wait though. I know you're going to drive yourself crazy. So here are ten things that you can do rather than drive yourself crazy during the MBA application wait.

  1. Number one, start working on applications for the next round. You may never submit them. Hopefully you won't have to. Hopefully, you'll get into the schools that you've already applied to. But if you can keep the ball rolling on schools that you might like to go to as a Plan B or a backup, it's going to make you feel powerful. It's going to make you feel like your destiny is still in your own hands, and it'll come in really handy if you only get bad news from this round because you'll be halfway or more of the way there to submitting quality applications in the next round.
  2. Tip Number two, stay off the forums, please. It's a wasteland of trolls and dark, dark people and bad news. Just stay away from the MBA forum.
  3. Numero tre, impara una nuova lingua (number three, learn a new language).
  4. Number four, spend time with friends and family. God knows they have not seen enough of you while you were working on your applications. So take this time to catch up with the people that you love.
  5. Number five, travel. Business school is going to start soon enough, and when it does, it's a rocket ride to Busytown. So, take some time now to relax, enjoy yourself, and maybe go check out a new city or two that you haven't seen before.
  6. Number six, pick up a new hobby. It won't be important for your MBA application, so just do something that you love. That thing you've always wanted to try? Give it a try. Always wanted to be good at contact juggling? Take a crack at it. Watch. Watch the ball…. terrible. 
  7. Rewatch old episodes of Rick and Morty ad infinitum.
  8. Start a blog or a YouTube channel or an Instagram feed. Begin cultivating your personal brand of influence that you want to carry forward in your career. Start doing it right now.
  9. Number nine. More career research. Go out and do informational interviews. Think more about your career game plan. Begin imagining what your career is going to look like post-MBA with all those amazing resources at your disposal for recruiting, and start thinking now about the jobs that you want to have post-MBA.
  10. And number ten is enjoy the amazing career-focused content we've got coming at you on the Career Protocol YouTube channel. This is the last episode of MBA Monday for this season. Thank you so much for joining us. It's been a privilege and an honor to be your MBA guardian angel as you've gone through the application process. We're still rooting for you when we're rooting for your long-term success. So the next several videos that are coming out on our channel are not about MBA applications. They're about making the most of your MBA to advance your career, which is the whole point of the MBA in the first place. So as you continue the wait, the very difficult, challenging impatient wait for all of those hopefully good MBA responses from the schools you applied to, enjoy the buffet of career advice that we've got coming at you in the next few weeks. I'll see you real soon and come back next year for more MBA Monday.

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