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with Angela Guido

Here at Career Protocol we love seeing people achieve their full potential. If you haven't heard of our Founder, Angela Guido, check out her bio; she considers herself a Student of Human Nature and has vast experience in MBA Admissions and Career Development.

Every Monday we post a new episode of what we like to call #MBAMondays on YouTube. These short videos of Angela giving invaluable admissions advice to MBA hopefuls are a part of our mission to help ambitious leaders achieve their career dreams.


#MBAMondays S2

36 Videos


#MBAMondays S1

30 Videos

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Season 1

Don't screw up your goals in the mba application.

How to show school fit in your MBA applications with Angela Guido.

The best way to research business schools.

Will An MBA Actually Help Me On My Career Path?

Case method or lecture: the best MBA pedagogy for you.

Dramatically Improve Your MBA Personal Statements With These Tips.

Can I get MBA admission without community service?

Please don't choose the wrong recommenders for your MBA applications.

Don't write boring MBA essays! Here's how to start.

So You Failed a Class and Want To Apply To Business School.

How to connect with MBA Programs when you can't visit campus.

These 3 major MBA application mistakes could sink your MBA application.

Quit pandering in your MBA applications and try this winning strategy instead.

Letting your mom read your MBA essay.

Writing amazing MBA recommendations

How to write amazing MBA recommendations

Awesome MBA Resume Formatting.

Horrific MBA Resume Mistakes to Avoid.

Awesome MBA Resumes Part 3: Brilliant Bullets.

Don't write your MBA personal statement until you watch this.

How to prep for your MBA interview.

How to get ready for your MBA video interview.

Meet MBAmo: the best MBA admissions calculator.

Reapplying to business school: what you need to know.

When Can I Stop Taking The GMAT?

GMAT or GRE for MBA admission success?

5 Steps To Crush The GMAT After An Early Failure.

How to impress students while networking with your MBA programs.

How to impress alumni and the admissions committee.

Why is Management Consulting the Favorite Goal of MBAs?

Season 2

Don't Apply To Business School Until You Watch This! Is An MBA Worth It?

The secret to MBA networking – thank you notes.

5 Books You Should Read If You Are Applying to Business School.

How To Strengthen Your MBA Profile Before You Apply to Business School.

Why Your MBA Essays Need Strong Career Goals.

3 Things You Need To Do Before Business School Applications In The Fall.

How to design an authentic career through your MBA.

The Magic Of Career Protocol's Discovery Process.

How to build an awesome MBA network.

Improv Specialist Spills Her #1 Tip on Networking with MBA Schools.

How to Network with MBA programs in 20 minutes flat.

Get a free Ding review on your failed MBA Application.

Use This MBA Admission Calculator To Determine Your Admission Chances.

Executive MBA? Part-time, online, or full-time MBA? Which is best for you?

How To Get Into Harvard Business School.

How To Get Into Stanford GSB.

How To Get Into Chicago Booth.

How To Get Into Columbia.

Beyond The Top 10 B Schools | The Best MBA Program For You.

How To Get Into Wharton.

Stop Branding Yourself in MBA Applications!

How Can I Convince B Schools To Admit Me?

What Jobs Can You Get With A Harvard MBA?

MBA Recommendations For Family Business And Entrepreneurs.

Is An MBA Good For Entrepreneurship?

Watch This Before You Hit Submit On Your MBA Applications!

Awesome MBA Video Essay Advice | For Kellogg, Yale And More!

Inspiring Storytelling For MBA Applications and Interviews.

How To Answer The Wharton MBA Essays.

Military to MBA | How To Get Into Business School After Your Service.

Deferred MBA Programs | What Are They & How Do I Get In?

Are You Too Old For An MBA?

How Many MBA Programs Should You Apply To?

Failed To Get Into B School In Round 1?

Did Your MBA Interview Go Well?

How Not to Suffer While Waiting for MBA Admission


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