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Angela Guido is your Career Guardian Angel. A leading expert in career development, pivots, and communication, she's spent the last 20 years helping emerging leaders achieve their goals, discover their purpose, and fulfill their potential. She's a former Management Consultant and MBA Recruiter at the Boston Consulting Group, a hiring manager at KPMG, a Booth MBA, and Philosophy student at Yale. She also happens to be an expert in the MBA recruiting process, so fasten your seat belt! It's gonna be a bumpy ride!

About us

Career Protocol's mission is to help you leave a distinctive, lasting, positive mark on the world through your career. We’ve cracked the code to long-term professional success, and if you work with us, you’ll be saving yourself years of trial and error.

The Career Protocol Methodology will accelerate your career. This set of skills will enable you to reach the top of your game in all that you do: increasing your self-confidence, helping you produce positive results faster, and cultivating a support team around you that’s rooting for your success.


Helps you understand how to be true to yourself in a world that has other priorities.

Choosing Up

Empowers you to pick the uplifting perspective, the inspiring story, and the course of action that gives joy.


Get things done because nothing great in this world happens without collaboration.

Relationship skills

Make you happier and drive the vast majority of the new opportunities available to you.


Those who know how to do it bravely enjoy the most fun and the greatest rewards.


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