If you’re here, you’re considering an MBA, and that pretty much makes you awesome. Not that MBAs are better than anyone else, but in our experience, the people who go for the MBA do it because they want to make a difference. They want their careers to matter. They want meaning and impact and joy. We just love people like that!!!


That’s why we created the Irresistible MBA Application Package.

Think of the Irresistible MBA Application Package as a year-long course in executive-level self-awareness, communication, and relationship building skills tailored to your needs and experiences.

We think the MBA application process is a huge opportunity to uplevel your professional profile and executive skillset BEFORE you take the leap into the MBA. So instead of simply editing your essays, which – let’s face it, friends and family could probably do! – we use the MBA application as a training ground for new capabilities that will last you a lifetime.

You can probably get into bschool without us, but most people choose to work with us for one or all of three key reasons:

  • You want to get to know yourself better.

    The MBA application is one of the biggest pivots of your career. It’s an amazing opportunity to take stock of who you are and learn more about the mark you want to leave on the world. It’s easier to do that with a skilled coach by your side.

  • You want to uplevel your skills and grow as a person.

    The MBA is all about personal growth, so why not start the growing now? We are teachers by disposition, and people who work with us take away remarkable new skills they carry into the MBA and beyond.

  • You want a partner on your journey.

    The MBA application is a very long journey to something you want bad. It’s stressful. A best friend for the road makes life more fun: someone who’s there for you in the panic moments and the moments of shared celebration.



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Maximize admissions chances and grow as a person

Working with us, you won’t just create great essays and maximize your chances of admission to your target schools. With your Career Protocol Instructor’s patient and constant guidance, you will learn how to explore your values, tell epic stories, and build genuine relationships with your fellow humans in everything you do (yes, even when you’re just writing a bschool essay!) so that you can have the impact you want to have in your career.

What’s in the package?

Oooh my gosh it’s like Christmas over here!!

You’ve probably looked at what normal admissions consulting firms offer. Our Irresistible MBA Application Package is similar in three regards:

  1. We have a structured process that simplifies your journey and helps you manage the many moving parts of the application.
  2. We touch every single part of your applications for your target schools as many times as we need to till both you and your Instructor are satisfied that it’s your best work, and we do this on a predictable timeline.
  3. We’ve got over a decade of experience helping hundreds of candidates just like you successfully gain admission to top MBA programs all over the world.

But the similarities stop there. It’s easiest to understand the differences if you consider that we’re not really admissions consultants, we’re teachers. Lemme esplain.

We leverage the secrets of human nature

You might think that “knowing what each school wants” is the key to success. But in our experience, this is a bogus approach. Because in the end, your reader is human. Every single member of the admissions committee is human. And humans behave in predictable ways – they respond to emotion, they feel connected when they share experiences, and they prefer to surround themselves with people they like.

So instead of using our insider knowledge about schools to tell you what to do, we teach you how to use your unique experiences and strengths to connect with the human being on the other side of the page, video camera, or interview table in an unforgettable way. We’ll also teach you how to understand your audience’s values and concerns so you can connect even deeper. Communication that connects is a skill you will never stop using after working with us.

We don’t make the tough choices – you do

Impostor syndrome is a real thing, and it hits first term MBAs harder than anyone. You’re going to be surrounded by amazing, accomplished people at school and you’re going to face setbacks and rejection. How are you gonna feel about yourself if you let someone else tell you how to get into school? Don’t you’ll think you’ll have more inner confidence in those tough moments knowing that your application was 100% yours? You owned it, created it, and made it shine as only YOU can do? Yeah, we think so too.

That’s why we’ll help you get to know yourself better and give you a repeatable process to examine your experiences and values in a way that yields deeper self-awareness. Then we’ll teach you how to make tough decisions about how to present your very best self and support you as you make those choices yourself.

Boo for line editing

The last thing you want is for your essays to sound like us!!! We know from doing dozens of ding reviews that it’s very easy for a consultant to make your essays sound just like everyone else’s.

Success in life requires finding and sharing your unique voice. Here’s a tip: Brilliant communication isn’t about grammar, punctuation, or word choice. It’s about sharing authentic experiences in the way only you can do. Even if you are a non-native speaker or don’t have a lot of confidence in your writing skills, you got this. We will teach you to master the art of personal storytelling and guide you through constructive comments as you implement it in your essays. But we notoriously don’t do a lot of editing because that damages your voice and destroys rather than builds up your confidence in your own communication skills.

We help you aim for the stars and keep your feet on the ground.

Our school packages include extra guidance. Think of it as 3+3. We touch every part of your applications for three schools. Then we give you high level guidance on three more. We do this so you can aim for your dream schools while protecting your downside risk with safer schools. And like magic, you can have everything you want without making unacceptable compromises in your goals. And like we said, we’re teaching you as we go. So most of our clients say that after working through three schools with our complete guidance, the next 3 are a piece of cake to do on their own.

We have a special brand of brutal but loving honesty

Growing as a person requires accurate self-assessment. It’s a self-awareness skill: to acknowledge where you stand vis-à-vis your goals with no loss of confidence no matter how far you still have to go. That’s why we don’t pull punches. But we will always treat you with loving kindness.

We believe in you. We’re doing what we’re doing here because we believe that you’re gonna help make the world a better place. We want nothing more than to see succeed beyond your wildest dreams and fully express your potential. So we’ll always treat you with the respect and admiration you deserve, even while delivering tough feedback or bad news.

Skills you’ll use for a lifetime

Our Client Portal is da bomb. We’re not just getting on the phone and chatting through concepts. Our work is rooted in deep expertise in curriculum design and human development. So in addition to the direct coaching, tailored instruction, and emotional support your Instructor will provide on your journey, you’ll benefit from our self-awareness, communication, and relationship skills curriculum that’s been developed over more than a decade. It’s gonna make you feel like:

Or ya know:

Our training includes stuff like:

  • The Interview Hero Program: Over 10 hours of video instruction on storytelling for interviews so you can go beyond preparation for MBA interviews and really master every question type you are likely to encounter during internship recruiting and beyond.
  • The MBA Resume Protocol: learn how to think and talk like a boss. SRSLY, this will teach you results-focused communication and thinking skills. We developed it based on our years of experience in the powerful, to-the-point mindset and communication tactics of Management Consulting.
  • Elite Relationship Building Coaching: You know you gotta network. But most people hate networking. Fear not, we’ll teach you a totally new paradigm for building relationships that takes the transaction out of the process so you can make real professional friends in each of the MBA communities you are applying to. Probly obvs that this will help you forever.

More: We gotta keep some stuff for surprises. You’re gonna love the process of learning with us!!!!

You’re not like everyone else and neither are we

Like we said, if you want someone to edit your essays, talk to friends and family. But if you wanna learn the timeless skills of self-awareness, inspiring storytelling, connecting with strangers, nurturing professional friendships, and influencing through spoken and written word, work with us.


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And finally, if you wanna hear more about what other people have said about working with us, here ya go:


I couldn't be happier I made the decision to pursue this journey with you by my side. You did much more than getting me into Harvard, you helped me connect all the dots, discover myself and tell my story for the first time.

- HBS student


    Within a few minutes of our first conversation I knew she was the right consultant for me – blunt, honest, fair, fun and easy to talk to; the kind of person who keeps you positive and relaxed as you explore the tough and fundamental questions in your life that are crucial to answer to build a strong MBA application. I am walking away from my experience with Angela with not only a spot at an elite MBA program that is right for me, but also more confidence in my abilities and a deeper level of self-awareness.

    - A Booth student


       Angela is the greatest gift that you can receive as you look to aim for the stars with this next stage in your pursuit to change the world. She will not do the work for you, but when the world seems as though it has abandoned you and it is you alone that can dictate your fate, you look to your right and there is Angela with you in the foxhole.

      - A different HBS student


        Angela is not in it for herself. She genuinely cares for your success. That's why she will push you to aim higher, work with crazy deadlines and still make sure you have the best outcome, and remember the tiniest details about you that even you yourself don't remember.

        - A Wharton MBA



          Sign up for a free MBA Application Strategy Consultation and learn about the Irresistible MBA Application Package here.

          Book Free Consultation