Jenn Kaufman

Thanks for stopping by!

I just like managing a ton of complexity and making people’s lives easier. Especially people I care about. Hopefully that will soon include you. Read on!

Jenn Kaufman

Thanks for stopping by!

I just like managing a ton of complexity and making people’s lives easier. Especially people I care about. Hopefully that will soon include you. Read on!

Hi! I’m Jenn.

I’m the friend that people call when they need to move – because I make color-coded labels for their moving boxes (bedroom, kitchen, living room, etc.), a schedule for their move, and a spreadsheet with each box number and its contents. Not even kidding.

I’m also the friend people call when a loved one is in the hospital and they can’t fly across the country to be with them.  Just recently, I managed a friend’s father’s medical care – from transferring him to a regional stroke center in what felt like the middle of nowhere, to making sure he was admitted and all records followed him, to communicating with the many specialists, insurance administrators, and, of course, family members as we embarked on a series of tests and treatments.

I’m kind of a neat freak
(or, organizational maven, but it doesn’t have the same ring)

I realize it’s not the sexiest destiny, but I’m a born project manager.

When I’m feeling low or excited, I organize something. I love the Container Store.  When I have a big task in front of me, I break it down into bite-sized chunks and tackle them one at a time. I’ve learned through planning conferences and MBA student competitions at Chicago Booth that we can create amazing things with just a little structure and process. 

What I love most about my job at Career Protocol is helping people organize and structure their thoughts and ideas into cohesive stories and plans. I love creating schedules and timelines that work for you, and I love holding my clients accountable and making sure all the trains are running on time as you embark on your career transformation and/or MBA admissions journey. If you need a little hand-holding, structure, and guidance, then I’m your girl.

“Jenn knew when I needed to be pushed and when I needed more time to think things through and it was this balance that made it so effortless to work with her. I couldn’t recommend her enough.

– Class of 2024 Admit

Oh yes? And what qualifications do you have?

Sure! Here’s a collection of my greatest hits:

My education:

  • MBA, University of Chicago Booth School of Business (Dean’s Award of Distinction)
  • B.A., Sociology, Columbia University

A few select places I’ve worked:

New York City Department of Education

As a program manager at the NYC Department of Education Office of Multiple Pathways to Graduation, I helped design and pilot programs for the system’s 140,000 students who were off-track for graduation and risked completing high school without earning the diploma. I convened experts from different disciplines, created a structure for idea-sharing, organized cohesive plans, and got the project moving forward to completion.

University of Chicago Booth School of Business

At Booth’s Rustandy Center for Social Innovation, I directed the CRED (Creating Real Economic Destiny) competition for MBA students all over Chicago.  The goal of this competition was to generate business ideas for creating meaningful work opportunities for young males at highest-risk for gun violence, and my job was creating the competition goals and parameters, managing the partnership with CRED, developing events and workshops for competing teams, and managing the application process, including the judging criteria.

Pfizer Pharmaceuticals

As an associate in Pfizer’s Market Analytics Group, I managed a multi-national research study to assess the market for a new product.  This involved managing (and creating the questions for) lots of different focus groups, compiling ideas from key opinion leaders, and, finally, generating a set of recommendations for product launch.

Gay Health Advocacy Project, Columbia University

The Gay Health Advocacy Project provides confidential HIV testing, and I worked as an HIV testing counselor.  I helped others through an emotionally difficult process so that we could assess their risk, address and allay their concerns, and answer their questions.  Through this position, I learned what it really means to hold someone’s hand through a difficult and anxiety-provoking process.

“If you want to put together an MBA application that is the best and most authentic reflection of you, work with Jenn! It is worth every penny and then some.”

– Class of 2023 Admit

Cool. That’s a ton of stuff!!!

Thanks, yeah. Like I said. I love managing a good project!

And what about when you’re not helping clients achieve their career and MBA dreams?

When I’m not coaching, you can find me…

  • creating and planning STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) events for elementary schools
  • doing the Sunday crossword puzzle
  • creating art with my kids (like the cool melted crayon piece here)
  • checking out other people’s art (loved the Yayoi Kusama exhibits at the Hirschorn in DC and Phoenix)
  • spending too much time at the Renegade Crafts Fairs
  • kayaking on the Hudson and in the San Francisco Bay
  • playing Scrabble (and being excited about all of the newly accepted words; it’s about time “OK,” “bestie,” and “arancini” have a place on the board!)
  • growing vegetables (especially mesclun, zucchini, and tomatoes, which I started growing on my fire escape in college)
  • and hoping the Cubs win the World Series again (last year, I saw them practice at Spring Training in Scottsdale!)

“I believe that her keen attention to detail and ability to find the overlap between my own values and those of the schools that I was applying to were critical to my success. I am thankful to Jenn for giving me the confidence I needed to gain admission into all of my top B-school choices!”

– Class of 2024 Admit

You On Social?


What’s your Myers Briggs type?

ENFJ. Emphasis on the J. 😃

If you could be an animal, what would you be?

The Chilean flamingo, of course. 

Wanna know if working with Jenn or one of our other awesome coaches could be the right move for your career or MBA application?

Wanna know if working with Jenn could be the right move for your career or MBA application?