How to build your Professional Network

We're pretty much all about professional friendships here at Career Protocol.

Why? Ummmm, well, because friendships are what makes work awesome. Working with people you love is one of the four key ingredients to being Happy at Work!

We only work with clients that we genuinely like as people. And we only empower people who care about other people.

But there is another really important reason professional networking is a focus for us.

It's how you achieve your goals, get ahead, have an impact, and make change happen in this world.

Collaboration makes magic possible. It extends your reach well beyond your two skinny arms into the vast expanse of the universe and allows you to influence huge positive outcomes you could never achieve alone.

And even if you just want more money or a promotion, relationships are your key to getting that stuff too.

So grab a cup of coffee, settle in, and…

How to Network Without Feeling Like an A-Hole

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Have fun!!! And don't be a stranger!! Drop us a line and let us know what you think of our ideas!

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