Here’s why you need to tell the truth in your MBA applications

Did you know that schools do background checks on students?

It's happened more than once that schools have been publicly embarrassed by notorious alums. Like, say, this guy, who had his Stanford MBA revoked many years after the fact because the school found out he had told some untruths in his application. And engaged in some pretty egregious insider trading that brought the school's ethics training under fire.

Schools hate doing damage control on their reputation. They'd much rather invest those PR dollars in their awesome Instagram profiles or promoting the school's brand so it's that much easier for you to show school fit.

That's why they now do pretty extensive background checks on admits and then reject anyone who lied in their application after the fact before matriculation. Pretty scary, eh?

You just gotta tell the truth

This is why even if you have resume blemishes, legal or academic indiscretions, or a spotty employment history, you need to tell the truth. Schools will find out you lied, and that is a deal breaker. But in our vast experience advising even the most challenging client profiles, schools can forgive almost ANY past mistake as long as its treated with honesty and a genuine commitment to transparency. Here are some examples:

  • Periods of unemployment of over a year
  • School suspensions due to cheating (both unfairly accused and guilty parties)
  • DUIs both ancient and recent
  • College misdemeanors
  • Terrible undergraduate transcripts
  • Actual porn stars
  • You name it, we've seen it

Life is long and we're all human.

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Angela Guido

Angela Guido

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