The 7 MBA Recruiting Myths You Need to Bust Before B School
Set yourself up for success and launch your MBA recruiting journey right now.

Interview Hero:
How to Ace Your Interviews, Find Your Voice, and Direct the Narrative of Your Life

This book will help you transform interviewing from painful interrogation to enjoyable conversations that enable you to connect with your interviewer and showcase your awesomeness without seeming arrogant.

How to Network Without Feeling Like an A-Hole

This book breaks down the process of building genuine professional friendships into a series of fool-proof steps, from how to survive networking events to how to turn new contacts into lifelong friends, all with zero douchebag factor.

What’s the Best MBA Program for your Career?

What’s the best business school if you want a high paid career in tech and finance? We’ve collected data on the top 30 US business schools and analysed it for you, so you can be informed about MBA careers, salary and the “real real” of post-MBA jobs before you apply! 

Corporate Training Workshops

Career Protocol Trainings offer timeless wisdom and bright ideas to help professionals be all they can be at work. The subtle disciplines of eastern and western philosophy and the art form of narrative combine with the rigorous disciplines of management consulting and structured thinking to create our experiential learning programs. Designed to give students both transformative epiphanies and “Monday morning action items,” these workshops deliver both short term and long term gains for students as they seek to actively manage their careers, achieve ambitious goals, and have more fun at work.

Hire Angela to speak to your team or organization with these consistently favorably reviewed talks.

The Happy at Work Workshop
AKA Identify Your Spikes

Build your career in the right direction fast by homing in on your unique passions. 

Top performers do things differently. They identify what they really want from their career at each step and then pursue it with abandon. They don’t go with the flow or try to be all things to all people. They focus on what they love, build capacities fast, and add differential value with their spikes – the parts of their performance reviews that are off the charts. If you want to move up fast, start with what makes you special. In this lively interactive session with Career Coach, Angela Guido, you’ll have the chance to identify what makes you happy at work and pinpoint one or two spikes (strengths, skills, and passions you love) that you want to develop in the next 6 months to advance your career and differentiate yourself as a top contributor.

Growing Gracefully
AKA Failure Training

How to target steep learning curves, bounce back from setbacks, and rally your network around your development.

Have you ever noticed that we just don’t learn all that much when we’re winning? If you want to go the distance in your career, you’ve got to learn to embrace challenges, failures, and constructive feedback. Top performers know how to make the most of their learning opportunities to build their personal human capital so that they are more valuable contributors with each setback they encounter. In this vibrant session, you’ll get the chance to reframe a failure, identify a weakness you’d like to develop in the next 6 months, and get practice tips to enlist the support of your mentors as you grow.

Build a Rockstar Power Base
AKA Grow Your Professional Network

Martial the power of mentors, champions, and sponsors to jet propel your career.

No man is an island and nothing in this world is achieved without collaboration. That goes for your career too! You’re not alone. In fact, support is all around you. You just need to know how to tap into it. In this in depth session, you’ll get the chance to take stock of your professional network, differentiate all the kinds of relationships you need to get ahead, and learn practical tactics and tools to make it easy for people to support your growth through timely constructive feedback and stretch career opportunities. You’ll also learn the secret to the longevity of these relationships – making it fun for them too!

Interview Hero
AKA Own Your Inspiring Story

Tell your story, find your voice, and direct the narrative of your career.

Wherever you turn, you’re required to talk about yourself. No one is watching you work, so if you want to create the opportunities for advancement within your organization that you deserve, you need to learn how to talk about your achievements without feeling arrogant or braggy. Easier said than done. In this fun and highly interactive workshop, bestselling author, Angela Guido will teach you her inspiring framework for storytelling that will allow you to shine in any professional advancement conversation with confident humility.