noun   |   pro·to·col   |   ˈprō-tə-ˌkȯl

1: the accepted or established code of procedure or behavior in any group, organization, or situation

2: the official procedure or system of rules governing official affairs

If you want to fulfill your individual potential, satisfy your unique purpose, and do work you love, you have to follow the Career Protocol. It’s the accepted and established code of behavior for career success and happiness at work.

Leading Edge Techniques, Timeless Wisdom, and Innovative Practices

Built on over two decades of exploration and experience in the fields of business, philosophy, and communication, our protocols draw from the tried and true principles of mindfulness, positive psychology, law of attraction, and storytelling combined with the disciplines of management consulting and scientific thinking.

Manifest Your Potential, Fulfill Your Purpose, and Inspire Yourself. Find your next step below.

Top Protocols

Professional Friendship Protocol

Also known as the Network Hero Protocol, this course will teach you to build real relationships, add value to others, and have more fun at work. We promise you will never hate working again.

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Upward Management Protocol

Stop dreading the spotlight. Interviews are a unique chance to express yourself. Learn to make them inspiring, easy, and fun. We promise you will start loving interviews (and also effortlessly ace them).

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Outward Management Protocol

You’re not alone. Your relationships advance your career. Help opportunity find you: make it easy for your professional network to sponsor your success. We promise this is a much easier way to get ahead.

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MBA Resume Protocol

Not just for MBAs, this free e-course will make your resumestand out from the pile, while teaching you to think more like an executive andcommunicate your accomplishments with more power and confidence.

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Group Trainings

With more than two decades of training experience, we offer multiple programs for group learning and personal development. We teach individuals within leading organizations to foster mindful collaboration, brave leadership, and authentic relationships.

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