Well howdy!! You found me!!! I’ve been waiting for you.

You got here because you heard about me somehow. You saw me speak at an event or you were in one of my webinars or a friend told you about me or maybe you just read one of the awesome articles I published on the interwebs.

And you thought:

“Hey!! Who is this Angela lady and why isn’t she helping me advance my career? Because clearly she knows a lot of stuff and is awesome, and I am also awesome and ambitious and I wanna do more cool stuff with my life.”

So you clicked the Consulting Services Buttonerino.

And then you arrived here, at ground zero, the gateway to working directly with me.

(Aww shucks, by the way. I am pretty awesome. And you are pretty awesome. So let’s see what we can do together.)

Ready to do this thing?

If you are already to get started working directly with me, then submit your application here, and I will reach out in a couple of business days to schedule a free introductory call.

That app is simple, but take it seriously. Otherwise I’m gonna delete it.

If you want to learn more about what I do and why it’s worth 10 minutes of your time to apply to work with me, read on….

What kind of voodoo magic is this CAREER PROTOCOL you speak of?

It does seem like voodoo magic, yes. But it’s closer to science.

Protocol = a system of rules and acceptable behavior

Career Protocol = the system of rules and acceptable behavior that make for a great career.
It has three parts:

  • self-awareness
  • communication skills
  • relationships

It’s not a secret formula. There’s tons of research and articles and content out there telling you that cultivating self-awareness, communication skills, and relationships are your keys to long term success.

But you don’t need research to tell you that. Look at your own experiences. Don’t you love work more when you like the people you’re working with? Isn’t it more fun and more effective to collaborate? And isn’t work more fulfilling when your impact and work product mean something to YOU?

Just interview anyone who’s had a career you admire. Whether they use these words or not, you will hear them between the lines. This is because…

  • Self-awareness helps you understand how to be true to yourself in a world that has other priorities.
  • Communication skills help you work smarter instead of just hard because all great things in this world happen through collaboration.
  • Better relationships make you happier and drive the vast majority of new opportunities available to you.

Anyone who has a truly great professional life learns to cultivate self-awareness, communication skills, and relationships eventually.

But instead of taking 20 years to learn yourself through trial and error, I am here to help you learn them right now so you can get more of what you want faster and have more fun in the process.

Basically here is what we’re looking at:


OK, this sounds interesting, how does it work?

What I do is a combination of Consulting and Training

Consulting = An outsourced brain to help you sort through your stuff: to see the bigger picture, strategize, and make good choices.

All successful companies use consultants because if you want to see the bigger picture, you need a second pair of eyes. Your perspective is always your perspective. With professional, objective, and informed input, you can see way beyond your view of any problem or circumstance. And way beyond your limited view of yourself too.

You just can’t see your own eyeballs, as they say. That’s why everyone needs a consultant. It’s just easier to understand what is uniquely great and awesome about you with the help of someone like me.

Training = the action of teaching a person or animal a particular skill or type of behavior.

I haven’t ever trained animals in the Career Protocol, so hopefully you’re human. But it’s important to understand that first and foremost, I am a teacher.

This is what differentiates me from a lot of folks who do the same kinds of things I do. I’ve spent my whole life learning how to break down complex concepts and behaviors into intuitive actionable steps and then show them to you in a way that makes you really think.

I don’t just talk at you, I create experiences so that you can try out some of these awesome tools yourself, apply them in your life, and make them yours. If you like them, that is. If not, at least you’re learning how to try a new perspective.

This means that when you work with me, you will take away concrete skills that will be yours for the rest of your life.


OK so what do I get if I work with you?

Everybody gets these three things:

Success inventory
We’ll explore your successes in detail through my proprietary Structured Self Reflection Process and generate new insights about what makes you uniquely awesome. (yes, it works for everyone).

Strengths Inventory
We’ll look at your complete list of 34 Gallup Strengthsfinder® strengths and explore your particular flavor of awesome: your most powerful tools to stand out and be happier at work.

Values Inventory
We’ll uncover new insights about what matters most to you and what’s important for your future to shape your long-term goals based on your values, strengths, and preferences.

That includes all this stuff..

  • 4 hour-long phone calls
  • 3 in depth workbooks
  • A Strengthsfinder® Complete 34 strengths test and accompanying ebook
  • Your personal strengths, passion themes, and career match summary report generated by me (not a robot)
  • A suite of communication tools and frameworks
  • A detailed follow up plan of action tailored to you and your next steps

And then you’ll choose ONE of the following sets of performance tools

Career Game Plan
We’ll lay out your long term vision, your medium term strategy, and your short term tactics to make the most of your career. You’ll know where you want to head and how you’re gonna get there.

Job Search Strategy
We’ll put together a plan of action to get your next dream job effectively. You’ll know how to research companies, network, and prepare for interviews.

Performance Plan
We’ll create your personal growth roadmap. You’ll have learning goals, and a strategy for cultivating mentors, champions, and sponsors, and a process to revisit your development as you grow.

Communication Strategy
We’ll get you ready to shine in interviews. You’ll have your stories organized, and you’ll know exactly how to position yourself for your dream job and shine in interviews.



Career Protocol is also a community. When you work with me or take one of my premium courses, you join all the other like-minded, ambitious awesome people who are cultivating self-awareness, communication skills, and relationships so they can make the world a better place.

This includes:

Membership in the Career Protocol Slack channel
network with emergent leaders, get answers to your questions, and chat with me

monthly half-hour conference calls full of career development advice

Access to the Career Speakeasy
our resources center with all our top content, frameworks, and tools to advance your career

Optional continued support
Get our best price on ongoing support through Career Power Hours


What is the price for all this awesome stuff?

It’s expensive. You get what you pay for. This is an investment in your potential, in you being all that you can be over the course of your entire life. This is no time to nickel and dime yourself.

But seriously, what’s the investment?

It’s 4 figures and it’s prime. If you are serious about working with me, apply here and we’ll discuss pricing:

Wait, why do I have to apply to work with you?

If I am going to invest my time in you, I need to know first that YOU are invested in you. Achieving your full potential is a lifelong journey, and if you can’t be bothered to fill out this 10-minute application form, then you’re probably not really ready to start that journey.

Ready to go? Giddyup.


Some more FAQ

Do I really need a teacher?

Only if you want to achieve greatness.
All great heroes have teachers.

– Achilles had Chiron
– Luke Skywalker had Yoda
– Frodo had Gandalf
– Harry had Dumbledore and a bunch of other dudes
– Marlin had Dory

And on and on and on and on.

But am I the RIGHT teacher for YOU?

Hey baby, the world is your oyster. And it’s a big wide world. The internets make it so that you can pretty much work with anybody. And you should have EXACTLY what you want. So you tell me. Am I your teacher? Here’s how you might decide….

Do you believe self-awareness, communication, and relationships are important?

If not, do not pass go, do not collect $200, and go straight to some other page. (That’s a Monopoly reference. Does anyone play Monopoly anymore?)

Do I seem like I know stuff?

I’ve put out a crap ton of content, that should give you a sense of whether I know what I’m talking about.

Do you feel good when you engage with my words?

Here’s a million-dollar tip for free: When making a choice, follow the path that FEELS better. Feelings are like your inner GPS. Listen to ‘em. If my voice and the stuff I say light you up a little bit, then you will get a lot more value out of working with me.

Do you like me?

I’m kinda know-it-ally, kinda preachy, and a barrel of laughs. Think you’d get along with a sagely goofball like me? That’s important ‘cuz guess what? If we work together, we’re gonna be professional friends. I’m like a best friend for your career, but that won’t really work out if ya don’t like me. 😉

Angela, do you work with MBAs?

Oh yes. I love MBAs. I have an MBA. They are my specialty.

But wait, do you work with non-MBAs?

O mais bien sûr!!!
Of course I do!! In fact, The Career Protocol is actionable from your very first job – even if you are working part time in High School!! The sooner you start, the longer you will have to capitalize on your investment, whether an MBA is in your future or not.

I am over 30, can I work with you?

Of course! The more experience you have, the easier your values and strengths will be to identify and the more leverage you’ll get from our work.

I am over 40, how about me?

Yes. It is never too late to start creating the career of your dreams.

How does this whole process work?


1. You fill in the form
2. Robots bring me the form.
3. We schedule a free 15-minute call so you can expand more on your objectives, you can hear my voice, and we can discuss which package might be best for you.
4. We talk.
5. If you like me and want to proceed, I send you the link to buy the package you want.
6. You pay one time using a credit card through Stripe: safe, fast, effective.
7. Once your payment is processed, I give you access to all the awesome materials we’re going to use to work together, and you get started.
8. We have a whole lot of fun.
9. You crush it in your career.

How long do I have to finish the process?

You could do it all in a week. I recommend a month. You have at most 2 months to get it all done. If you want more help after that, there’s an extra charge. We’ll discuss.

Is there anything else I should expect from working with you?

You’re gonna work hard. In life, we mostly only work hard for others and let ourselves off the hook when it’s for us. That’s backwards. This process is work on you for you by you (and also by me). I’m a workaholic, but only because I believe work is supposed to be fun. So don’t worry, we’re gonna work hard, but it will also be fun.

You’re gonna learn things you didn’t know about yourself. These will mostly delight you. Some of them may create frustration until you remember that every moment is just the starting point for something new and wonderful to materialize.
You’re gonna wish you did this sooner.

One thing you SHOULDN’T expect is that you will definitely get that one specific job you are applying for. The universe is complex. I don’t have any idea who else is applying, and I can’t control the hiring manager’s choices. You will get tools to confidently go after what you want, but your next step may not be precisely what you think it should be today. It might end up being better.

Who’s your ideal client, Angela?

I like to work with people who want to make the world a better place and who want to self-actualize (in other words, people who want to fully manifest their potential over the course of their lifetime and finish the race with nothing left in the tank.) These two are related: growing as much as you can as a human at some point involves getting beyond yourself and being of service to your fellow humans. If that doesn’t sound worthwhile to you, then you’re not my type of client.

Who should absolutely NOT work with you?

If you can’t laugh at yourself, you’re gonna hate me.
If you have a low altruism coefficient and don’t feel good when you help others, you’re gonna hate me.
If you aren’t willing to take ownership of your own life, your career, and this process, you’re gonna find me difficult to deal with.

Aren’t you a difficult person, even under good circumstances?

Yes, that’s what’s great about me. My truth meter is finely tuned, and I am an idealist. I look for what’s great, but I also see what’s hiding. And I got no truck with bullshit or self-deception.

Hmmm, then why should I work with you?

You shouldn’t.
You should never do anything that you think you should do.
You should take a step back until you can see why the “need” is an illusion and then decide what you want.
Nobody needs me. You already have everything you need. We all do.
If you choose to work with me, it’s because you want to. Or because of this dancing unicorn.

That’s weird. He’s got butt cheeks.

I know, right?

While we’re on the subject, it’s kinda weird that you have so many pictures of kids on your website. I’m an adult!

That’s not a question. But if you must know, I believe we are our truest selves when we’re kids: work is play, strangers are friends, and life is joy. That’s how it should be for all of life. If it’s not, it’s time to remember who we are.

Why can’t I just buy an hour of your time?

I played with this for years – just jumping into whatever people wanted to work on: mock interviews, salary negotiations, job searching, whatever. But I found that I wasn’t able to add maximum value without really getting to know the person. And they were far less able to achieve their objectives without first really getting to know themselves.

I also wasn’t able to create a very satisfying experience for me or my clients. Think of working with me as a kind of spa service for your soul. You really want to take your time and enjoy it.

Also, to shoot straight, I’ve noticed over the years that the people who stress over the price or who just want to shortcut their way to a quick outcome don’t get great results. These are long haul results we’re going for. If you can’t slow down to really take yourself, your communication, and your relationships seriously, then you won’t find this process rewarding.

But I’m in a hurry!!! I have a job interview next week, can I PLEASE just buy an hour?

No. Communication strategy is the fourth step in the process. And you gotta start with step 1. Then go to step 2. Then 3, then finally 4. We can do it in a week if you get started today.


I just saw what it costs to work with you, why is it so expensive, again?

If it’s too expensive for you, don’t do it.

I am not your ordinary career advisor. I have 20 years of experience helping people like you get what they want. The

tools I give you work.

The skills you will build working with me will last your whole life. It’s a worthwhile investment.

But perhaps even more importantly, in my experience, you invest your energy and time in the same way you invest your money. If I charged less for this process, it would be less meaningful for you. That’s just human nature. It’s why you value that thrift store bag less than the brand new one you paid retail for.

When you give yourself something that you want and that’s valuable to you, you are elevating your sense of self-worth.

Can we have our sessions in person?

Yes. Come to Italy, and we’ll have coffee.

Ready to go? Let’s do this.

Didn’t like the orange, yellow, green, blue or purple buttons? Here’s a rainbow one.

Still not ready to go yet? Let me tell you some stuff I know about you.

You’re successful.

I mean, you’re on a computer or smartphone, which costs MUCH more than 60% of the world makes in a whole month. So you’ve got a pretty good life in the grand scheme of things.

Did I mention, you’re awesome. 

Like attracts like and I am awesome, so that must mean that you are too. Ha!!

But seriously, everyone has a gift to offer this world, and if you landed on this page, you want to make a difference and you are willing to invest in yourself to amplify the impact you can have. People like that are the best kinda people.

You’re self-aware and want to be more so.

You are poking around on a website that is all about being happy at work and achieving more in your career through self-awareness, communication, and relationships. So you must at least be open to the possibility that you can grow more as a person.

You’re busy.

Successful, awesome, self-aware people tend to make markets for themselves – they are in demand. So I know that you must have a lot going on in your life. Isn’t it grand to have a lot on your plate?


You’re gonna read this, check out all about me , and read all the amazing testimonials awesome people just like you have written about how I helped them achieve their dreams, but then you’ll close this window and go back to your busy life.

‘Cuz let’s face it, greatness isn’t urgent when life seems good enough. And you’ve got deadlines to meet and work to do.


But it IS urgent. REALLY urgent.

If you aren’t gonna get started having the career you really want now, then when?

You know the number one regret of the dying is “I wish I had had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me,” right? And number two is “I wish I hadn’t worked so much.” And number five is “I wish I’d let myself be happier.”

What are you thinking going to the office day in and day out doing work that doesn’t make you happy and that you don’t find personally meaningful?

EVERY day counts, cuz, ya know… YOLO and all.

So if you’re lucky, the page will nag you.

You’ll think “Yeah, I got a lot going on. But if I’m honest with myself, I don’t have EVERYTHING I want in my career.

  • I wanna feel more confident in who I am and the value I bring to the table.
  • I’d like to know that I am on the right path for me to have the impact I wanna have.
  • I wanna feel more camaraderie with my team and coworkers.
  • I’d like to be doing more day to day tasks I find exhilarating.
  • I feel like it’d be nice to have more support from my managers.
  • And I wanna know I am learning as much as possible instead of stagnating.”

(Those are some of the benefits Career Protocol clients get, by the way).

So then you’ll have to ask yourself…

How long am I gonna ignore the call to greatness?

How long am I gonna wait to invest in being all that I can be?

And then you’ll come back to this page.


Hi again.

Are you back now? Great. Let’s proceed.

Want to get started now?