Your Initiative is the Key to Unlocking Opportunity

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Be of Service Resumes are all about impact and positive contributions to meaningful outcomes. Want to have more impact and contribute more towards meaningful outcomes? It’s easy. Just ask yourself this one question: How can I be of service? In your classes, in your clubs, in your community, and at work, how can you be of service? Service happens at the intersection of what is … Read More

Real Leaders Don’t Use the Word “Led”

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Leader Verbs

Stop right now and look at your resume. Do you have one or more bullets that start with the word “Led”? You have to get rid of it. The word “led” is a surefire way to identify yourself as an amateur with no real demonstrated leadership potential. That goes double if you are using the word “Lead.” If the word “Lead” is on your resume it’s because … Read More

MBA Resume Protocol

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Whether you plan to go to business school one day, are in business school now, have already graduated, or have no MBA plans, but just want to present yourself as a business leader, you need an MBA resume. I have had the privilege of working with a lot of extraordinary people in my career. And one thing about extraordinary people is that they are extraordinarily … Read More