How to Say Thanks the Right Way

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People help you grow. They help you advance. They create opportunities for you. The support of others is like kindling for your career. No, not kindling, rocket fuel. It’s what makes it possible for you to travel to the stars you’re aiming for. Without it, you’re not gonna go that far. And. You’ve got to thank them. Generously, often, and vividly. Most people get this … Read More

5 Ways to Bring More Fun and Connection to Your Office

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Every job can get a little monotonous. Even when you have your dream job, it can feel like each day is more of the same. I remember working at a fast-paced food tech start-up in the Bay Area, where I loved my colleagues and was excited about the work we were doing, but even then it started to feel like I couldn’t distinguish one week … Read More

You can learn charisma in 3 minutes and 34 seconds (with some help from a dancing monkey)

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charisma in 3 minutes

I am obsessed with this video. If you don’t know what you are looking at, this is Francesco Gabbani’s winning performance at the San Remo music festival, which determines Italy’s entry to Eurovision, essentially the European ancestor of America’s Got Talent, but with all musical acts. You can see it has over 4 million views. 2 million of those are mine. Nah. But without hyperbole, … Read More

LinkedIn Profile Protocol for MBAs

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Want to know why a great LinkedIn profile is essential, even if you plan to get your next job on campus? Follow this quick guide to looking good online! You probably already have a LinkedIn profile, but if you are like a lot of MBA students and graduates I talk to, you probably aren’t entirely sure why you should have one or why it’s worthwhile to … Read More

How to Rock a Professional Conference

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Make the most of a professional conference

A professional conference is a truly awesome opportunity. Even if you’re an introvert (like me), taking an evening or a day to mix it up with interesting and ambitious people (like you) will almost always bring much needed social churn, career support, and an influx of new, refreshing insights and ideas. You should kind of always be networking. If you cringe when you hear that … Read More

Take this Test to Discover Your Networking Spirit Animal

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What’s Your Networking Spirit Animal? Take this Test to Find Out! Before we get to the test, let’s talk about why networking matters. You know it does, right? If you are reading this, you are a future (or current) business leader. You have big aims and lofty goals. You want to change the world. And if that’s the case, you know you aren’t going to … Read More

The Awesome Informational Interview

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Informational Interview

An informational interview is an indispensable tool for ambitious career builders. Not only for learning about potential job opportunities, doing due diligence on firms that interest you, and advancing your career, an informational interview is also an essential professional friendship building tool. When you meet someone at a networking event, you need to have a next step in order to turn the chance meeting into a real … Read More

Death to the Elevator Pitch

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Stop selling yourself and start connecting

You have to stop using your Elevator Pitch to introduce yourself at networking events. Before we get into several far superior alternatives, let me tell you about the history of this concept called the Elevator Pitch. The History of the Elevator Pitch It started in… you guessed it… an elevator. According to Chris Westfall, the term has its origins in Hollywood. Screenwriters would hang out … Read More

Listen! Avoid Awkward Networking Moments

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Avoid awkward moments while networking

Listen here to find out how to gain access to any networking conversation without being an arse. You already know to leave your agenda at home when networking. Next week we will talk about how to introduce yourself to anyone without using a smarmy Elevator Speech. But today, let’s tackle the dreaded Break In. Exactly HOW do you break into a conversation already in process? How do … Read More