Curiosity: The Biggest Threat to Ignorance

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Be Curious. Have you ever stopped to think about how that electronic device you are looking at right now ended up in front of you? Thinking about that will make you a better business leader. That’s because if you want to change the world, you first have to know how it works right now. One of the key ways you can extend your impact and … Read More

But Do You Really Know What You Want?

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Explore Preferences If you don’t know what you want, it will be hard to make confident choices. You will learn more about yourself through your coursework, internships, jobs, and extracurricular activities, so use that information to decide what matters to you.  Try this quick exercise at the end of each quarter. Record your answers to these questions: What tasks, responsibilities, and subjects did I really … Read More

5 Questions with MBA Admissions Consultant Angela Guido

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“I help aspiring business leaders understand their unique strengths and values and how to communicate them effectively, in order to achieve their goals and build strong professional relationships.” – Angela Guido, Career Protocol If you are worried about taking the GMAT, or just thinking about applying for your MBA, it never hurts to get some sound advice. Take a glance at this interview that Angela Guido … Read More

Master your future: How to be a Long Term Visionary and a Short Term Pragmatist

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Be a Long Term Visionary MBA applications Career Advice What do you want to be when you grow up? It’s a question I am still asking after more than 3 decades of consideration. And that’s as it should be. We are always becoming. It takes a lifetime to realize your full human potential; the journey never ends. So look ahead into the future: imagine, visualize, … Read More

I gave up second guessing my decisions. Here’s what happened

Beth ConnollyMake Confident Choices

I have a long tradition of giving things up for Lent. In middle school, I gave up chocolate for several Lents. (I still remember crumbling chocolate chip cookies to eat everything but the chips.) Then in high school I gave up processed sugar for Lent. I did it again last year. And sugar is like my second mother: it always comforts me and I really … Read More

The 8 things every business leader must do before 8AM

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Before 8AM, be absolutely sure to… Sleep one hour Sleep another hour Sleep a third hour Keep sleeping, this time for an hour Sleep Sleep for 60 consecutive minutes Sleep for one last hour If time permits, drink a glass of water A few things to do AFTER 8AM Consider measuring success by how good you feel, not by how well you measure up to some imaginary ideal … Read More

The One Thing That Changed How I Think About Risk

Beth ConnollyMake Confident Choices

  Last month, I left a comfortable job, affordable apartment, and plenty of good friends in New York City to move to a foreign country for an internship in a new industry (Career Protocol, wink wink, nudge nudge). It was big risk. Once I’d decided to move, I would lay awake in bed at night wondering, did I make the right choice? I knew I … Read More

Something really important the toilet taught me

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toilet water

When I was 8, I drank toilet water. I was playing truth or dare with some friends, and even at that young age, I was never one to back down from a challenge. The fact that I actually followed through on the dare and lived to tell about it is not what makes this story interesting, though. What makes the story interesting was my rationale … Read More