Hey there!!

Thanks for stopping by! I’m Britt!

I like to say I’m curious, caring and direct. Let me explain.

I thrive at cocktail parties. Not because I love cocktails – which is why I hesitate to introduce myself this way – but because I love hearing people’s stories.

I love asking questions that make people light up.

I love the buzz of hearing multiple conversations happening around me, but being laser focused on the person in front of me.

I love getting past the “It sure has been sunny recently” to the “Ugh, it must be hard to have a job that everyone else thinks sounds so great, but that you don’t like day to day. What’s that like?”

I want people to feel seen and understood, even with jazz playing in the background and passed appetizers; that’s when I feel like I’m in flow.

No matter the setting, I care most about connecting with the person right in front of me.

So that’s why I say I am curious and caring. I could spend hours getting to know a new friend. If I ask you too many questions, just stop me. I genuinely want to know everything about the people I meet. I’m always happy to share my most embarrassing and vulnerable stories in exchange – and as a yoga instructor, free-form dancer, and amateur mountain biker, I have plenty to draw from.

As for being direct…

After college, as a management consultant, I had a reputation for getting to the heart of the matter: I was never afraid to bring up touchy, but important, issues in meetings with senior executives and clients. I managed to find ways to gently address sensitive topics – like the integrity of a company’s actions or the variation in employee salaries – that most consultants would have avoided, but were essential to solving a critical challenge.

What I love about working at Career Protocol is that I get to use all three of my strengths to help my clients get to the heart of their passions, defining moments, and career purpose. They’re much more fun and interesting than the P&L’s I was analyzing as a management consultant IMHO. I get to work with incredibly talented clients, hear their best life stories, guide them in shaping essays that capture them in an authentic light, and help them get clear on their inspiring futures.

You can count on me to be curious, caring, and direct as your partner in creating that future. 

No more questions?

If that answers all your questions and you want to consider working with me, sign up for a free consultation.

But just in case you have a few more Q’s… (here are some I would have in your shoes)

But what about your experiences? I mean, what have you done?

Oh yeah. Good question!!! Here’s some of the major stuff:

  • I got my MBA at Harvard
  • I got a B.S. in Global Health and Development from Georgetown University because I’ve always known I wanted to help the world be a healthier, happier place
  • I was a Consultant at Monitor Group, then Deloitte Consulting in San Francisco
  • I was a Mentor at BUILD, a non-profit focused on entrepreneurship in high schools
  • And I spent my post-MBA career in multiple fascinating tech-based startups: HelloFresh in the Berlin HQ and Byte Foods in the Bay Area

But you seem to have a little less experience than some other folks out there. Why should I work with you?

Well, like we say around here, should isn’t really a thing we’re fond of. Working with a consultant is a very personal journey and you’ll want to choose someone you love talking to, feel safe with, and trust.

I personally know how exhausting, overwhelming, and stressful the MBA application process can be. But I also know it can be exhilarating, defining, and memorable.

I look back on my days completing MBA applications and I smile in reminiscence.

I set aside time on Saturday mornings, got up early, made a cup of tea, and sat on the couch on our back porch writing and editing essays for two hours before my roommates woke up.

I loved the process in part because I also had an excellent guide and role model helping me through the process (wink wink). With her help, I discovered who I was and identified my unique skill set. And that’s the role I will play for you.

Yes, I want to help you get in to your top choice school, but more than that I want to help you know yourself a little better, feel proud of who you are, and be so excited for what’s next. All the while, I’ll be on your team, cheering you on and supporting you through the thick and thin.  If that sounds good, then I might be the right consultant for you.

And what do you do when you’re not being an awesome admissions consultant?

I lead the Dow Janes (a women’s personal finance group), serve ice cream at our local ice cream shop, cross rivers on my mountain bike, teach yoga in our living room, and spend the weekends camping in Penny, our adventure Astro van, with my partner Nick.

Outdoorsy type, huh?

Absolutely! I grew up in the mountains of Idaho and my first job after HBS was as a Backroads Trip Leader, guiding active vacations in the Tetons and Yellowstone. It was then that I knew I needed to find work that let me spend a lot of time outdoors. If you ever want to visit me in West Marin, I would love to take you hiking to redwoods while we brainstorm your essays

You On Social?

What did I just say? I’m outside, baby. Come find me in the wilderness.

What’s your Myers Briggs type?


And your top 5 Strengthsfinder® strengths?

  1. Positivity
  2. Woo
  3. Activator
  4. Arranger
  5. Futuristic

Basically, I will see your bright future, encourage you to go after it, and enliven you with positivity, all the while helping you define and arrange your path as efficiently as possible!

If you could be any kitchen tool, what would you be?

A salad spinner. Extraneous tool perhaps, but efficient and so fun to use!