How to Say Thanks the Right Way

People help you grow and advance. They create opportunities for you. Appreciation is the secret key to keeping good energy flowing to and through you.

Quitting your job?

3 Things to Do Before You Quit

Before you quit your job and head off to bschool, be sure to do these 3 things to solidify existing relationships and collect valuable feedback.

Career Bites #12: Interview People

You’re willing to work hard, you want to add value, but you also want to enjoy your work and be inspired. The key is to interview people.

Career Bites #9: Be of Service

Want to have more impact in your career? It’s easy. Just ask yourself this one question: How can I be of service? The download our 67 ideas!

Career Bites #8: Build Your Resume

Learn how to build your resume through expanded impact and measurable results. Follow these tips to make it easy to impress with your resume.

Career Bites #7: Say Thanks

Don't just say thanks. Use Vivid Appreciation: the art of giving back by letting people share your success and be inspired. Learn how.

Career Bites #6: Get Mentors

Mentorship is part of how we grow. Mentors are people whose wisdom makes your journey easier. You can’t achieve full potential without them.

Career Bites #5: Be Curious

Be curious. Ask questions about how the world works. It will make you a better thinker & leader. Download our free market sizing problem set!

Career Bites #4: Be a Risk Taker

Are you a Risk-Taker? Would you call yourself brave? You need to be if you want a fulfilling career. Here's why and how to cultivate courage.

Career Bites #3: Be Kind

Workplace Kindness is an underestimated way to advance your career. You need to hustle. But unlike hard work, kindness never goes unnoticed.

Career Bites #2: Knowledge Capital

Jobs pay in two currencies – cash and knowledge capital. Develop knowledge you can take with you, don’t just master the firm’s way.

MBA interview

The Awesome Informational Interview

Want to research potential firms & impress networking contacts? Here is our 7-Step Process for conducting an Awesome Informational Interview.

Resilience: Get Good at Failing

Resilience allows you to grow. If you know how to fail, then you know how to succeed. Follow these 3 easy steps to turn setbacks into wins.

5 Tips for Upward Management

Upward Management may be the most undervalued skill for professional success. If you are a great upward manager you will also advance rapidly.

Death to the Elevator Pitch

You have to stop using your Elevator Pitch to introduce yourself at Networking Events. Try a better way to connect.

The Hardest MBA Application Choice

Got multiple acceptances to business school? CONGRATS! Tune in to this episode of #MBAMonday to help navigate the hardest decision in your MBA journey.

Only 3 Skills Define a Leader

Discover the 3 leadership skills you will undoubtedly need for any job or MBA program to build the foundation of a successful career in this video.