Career Bites #9: Be of Service

Want to have more impact in your career? It’s easy. Just ask yourself this one question: How can I be of service? The download our 67 ideas!

Career Bites #7: Say Thanks

Don't just say thanks. Use Vivid Appreciation: the art of giving back by letting people share your success and be inspired. Learn how.

Career Bites #6: Get Mentors

Mentorship is part of how we grow. Mentors are people whose wisdom makes your journey easier. You can’t achieve full potential without them.

Career Bites #5: Be Curious

Be curious. Ask questions about how the world works. It will make you a better thinker & leader. Download our free market sizing problem set!

Career Bites #4: Be a Risk Taker

Are you a Risk-Taker? Would you call yourself brave? You need to be if you want a fulfilling career. Here's why and how to cultivate courage.

Career Bites #3: Be Kind

Workplace Kindness is an underestimated way to advance your career. You need to hustle. But unlike hard work, kindness never goes unnoticed.

Resilience: Get Good at Failing

Resilience allows you to grow. If you know how to fail, then you know how to succeed. Follow these 3 easy steps to turn setbacks into wins.