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Angela Guido

Angela Guido

Founder & Chief Education Officer

I’m Angela Guido, and I am a lifelong student of human nature. I am fascinated by what it means to be human, what unites us, and how we can fulfill our true potential. Most of us spend 50% or more of our waking life at work. So what better place to advance humanity than in the workplace?

I founded Career Protocol to provide elite personal development programs to anyone who wants to maximize three things: positive impact, career success, and joy. Our programs cultivate communication abilities, emotional intelligence, and relationship-building skills in a professional context with a huge dose of wisdom and humor. Career development should be fun — that’s what we’re here for!

My own educational journey has felt kind of like a global thrill ride. It has spanned three continents and featured some of the world’s foremost institutions: Yale College for my BA in Philosophy, The University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business for my MBA, and The Boston Consulting Group for my apprenticeship in business. I have had the opportunity to advise some of the world’s most high impact and high potential individuals, and I’ve heard them say a lot of great things about me, including my favorites: “Angela asks you all the tough questions,” “she genuinely values your passions and reminds you never to waver from them,” and “if you want to work with someone who will actually make the process fun, look no further than Angela.”

Beth Connolly is the Community Director of Career Protocol. She has pretty much spent her whole life creating engaging content for individuals and communities. It started at age 8, when she nonchalantly edited a classmate’s “What I did this summer” essay and found she had a zeal for effective communication. Through her own experiences as a food blogger, and later serving multiple small and medium organizations through content strategy that increased audience engagement across platforms including websites, social media, and e-mail, she has developed her love of communication into a passion for building strong communities through digital media.

Prior to joining the Career Protocol team, Beth was Manager of Communications and Development at the National Organization of Italian American Women, a national nonprofit based in New York City, where she helped increase membership by 35% over two years. Beth graduated from Middlebury College and will complete her MBA from Columbia University in 2019.

Angela Guido

Beth Connolly

Community & Marketing Director