We are doing our part to create to a world where everyone is inspired by our shared humanity and the experience of being alive by empowering individuals to fulfill their true potential and make their unique mark on the world through their work. 

Are you one of us?

You have a vision for your life. You seek to make extraordinary impact through your work. You want a career you love that makes a difference in the world.

We are here to help.

Our founder, Angela Guido, began the journey of Career Protocol in 2006. She has helped thousands of individuals worldwide connect with their passions, express their purpose, and tap into their natural ability to create inspiring relationships. Her clients have included future business leaders from Harvard Business School, The Wharton School, Kellogg School of Management, The University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, and many more.

We believe life is supposed to be fun. We believe each of us has a unique purpose to fulfill. And we believe that for many of us, the place where we will manifest that purpose in through our work. That is why we believe that work is meant to be a primary source of joy in life.

Sharing our humanity and collaborating creates happiness at work. Understanding what matters to us and pursuing it with enthusiasm produces creative self-expression and personal meaning in our careers. Making confident choices and mastering the art of spontaneity enable us to live without regret.

We can truly have it all; we just have to choose perspectives that inspire us and expand possibilities and take creative action to realize our desires.

There has never been a better time to be alive. Let’s do this.

Meet the Team

We are each here to express our unique purpose and have more fun.  Learn more about us.

Angela Guido

Angela Guido

I’m Angela Guido, and I am a student of human nature. As long as I can remember, I have been interested in what it means to be human, what unites us, and how we can fulfill our true potential in life. My education in the nature of being human has spanned three continents, included some of the world’s foremost institutions – Yale College for my BA in Philosophy, The University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business for my MBA, and The Boston Consulting Group for my apprenticeship in business – and yielded a tremendous amount of adventure and fun along the way. Based on everything I have learned on this journey, combined with my two decade career in the field of professional communication, I founded Career Protocol to provide elite personal development programs to anyone who wants to maximize three things: positive impact, career success, and joy.

Read more of my story here.

Liqian’s journey as Chief Media Officer for Career Protocol began, about the time when she was scratching around for ideas on how to bypass a roadblock with regard to her own business project on the side. Lawyer by day and budding entrepreneur by night, her fascination with all things business and her natural curiosity led her to work with us. Though new to the world of online marketing, Liqian delights in the discoveries that she makes daily while geeking around on the computer. She’s become our role model for persistence and climbing a steep learning curve. If you need someone who will get in the trenches and work fast to get smart about a subject, Liqian is your girl. We’re thrilled she’s part of our team.

Angela Guido


Angela Guido

Dani Schnakenberg

Dani joined our team as our web developer and designer, but she quickly became our inspiration for productivity, work life balance, and “having it all.” A homeschool mom of five, Dani also runs two thriving businesses: Cooper Leigh Creative, providing branding, design/web development, and custom screen printing for small businesses; and Feather &Wild, a clothing brand focused on inspiring, encouraging, and connecting women. And frankly, we’ve never known anyone who accomplishes so much before breakfast. Dani is an expert in time management and effectiveness, and without her brilliant creative work, Career Protocol would be a sad flat little page indeed.

To work directly with Dani, feel free to contact her here.