Our mission is to help you
leave a distinctive, lasting, positive mark
on the world through your career.

Hello, Angela Guido here!

For the last 20 years I've lived and breathed helping people achieve more success in their careers.

I care about making the world a better place just like you do, and it’s my goal to help you fulfill your potential. We are a small, boutique team, and we work with only a handful of clients every year.

Career Protocol = the system of rules and acceptable behavior and that make for an awesome career. We’ve cracked the code to long-term professional success, and if you work with us, you’ll be saving yourself 15 years of trial and error.

Angela Guido

Our tools
will accelerate your career.

I call these skills The Choosing Up Method, and they’ll enable you to get to the top of your game in all that you do. Increasing your self-confidence, helping you produce better, more expedient positive results, and cultivating a support team around you that’s rooting for your success.


Helps you understand how to be true to yourself in a world that has other priorities.

Choosing Up

Empowers you to pick the uplifting perspective, the inspiring story, and the course of action that gives joy.

Communication skills

Enable you to get things done because nothing great in this world happens without collaboration.

Relationship skills

Make you happier and drive the vast majority of the new opportunities available to you.


Those who know how to do it bravely and gracefully enjoy the most fun and the greatest rewards.

The choices you make now will set the stage for the rest of your career.

There’s no roadmap to your unique ideal destination, and you can’t follow anyone else’s path. My team and I are here to help you face your bold future with authenticity, bravery, kindness, and a whole lotta laughter.

Let me introduce
My Amazing Team:

Working with people you love is one of the essential ingredients for happiness at work.
So you can bet I've assembled a crack team of people who love people!

The career protocol consultants

I’m Angela Guido, and I started this whole thing. I’ve helped thousands of MBAs achieve their dreams, and I’ve written two bestselling books on interviewing like a super hero and networking without feeling like an a-hole.

I’m on a mission to help you cultivate the self-awareness, communication, and relationship skills that will transform your career from meh to HOLY COW AMAZING!!!

If you work with our team, you’re gonna be seeing me. I lead our community huddles, group coaching, Q&As, hot seats, and all of the community processes.  I also work 1:1 with select clients for a supplemental big boss fee.

Though I got my MBA from Chicago Booth, studied philosophy at Yale, and did my business apprenticeship at BCG, more than anything else, I consider myself a student of human nature. I'm endlessly curious about what unites us, what differentiates us, and how each of us can fulfill our unique potential in life. Are you interested in these questions too? Want to achieve something remarkable in your career and have more fun doing it? Then you probably want me on your team.



Here’s Charli, our Chief International Officer. She’s got over 15 years of experience in higher education in international project management, marketing, recruitment, and admissions, so hiring her was about the biggest no-brainer of my career.

Her unique passion is helping international-minded MBA-aspirants take brave, bold leaps to create lives by their own design. Having been an admissions committee reader for 10 years across multiple institutions including 3.5 years as the Associate Director for International Admissions at Cornell’s Johnson School of Business, she knows all too well that your best stories are often found in the least expected places.

She wants to help you tell them with pride and appreciation for how far you’ve come. She’s worked in over 50 countries with students from countless more. If you have even a single molecule in your body that craves a career on the global stage – or even on a different stage from the one you grew up on – then Charli is your patron saint.

If you want to meet your inner brilliance, discover a new belief in yourself and your vision, and bring it to life, choose Charli.


Jenn is one of my best friends from business school (she also has an MBA from Booth). One day she asked me what I thought she should do next in her career, and my immediate answer was: join the Career Protocol team.

Jenn is the kind of person friends and family count on to help them move – and to pack everything in color-coded, clearly labeled boxes. She teaches us all how much fun and harmony can be found in getting and staying organized. And she’ll do the same for you.

She was a program manager at the NYC Department of Education, helping the system’s 140,000 students who were off-track earn their diplomas. At Booth’s Rustandy Center for Social Innovation, she directed the CRED (Creating Real Economic Destiny) competition for MBA students all over Chicago. And at Pfizer, she managed a multi-national research study to assess the market for new products.

If she can manage all of that complexity, just imagine what she can do for your MBA apps! If you need someone to help you organize and structure your thoughts and ideas into cohesive stories and plans, Jenn is your girl.

She loves creating schedules, timelines, and processes that work and then holding you (and, cough, the entire Career Protocol team) accountable – making sure all the trains are running on time. She’s our COO for good reason. If you need a little handholding, structure, and guidance, choose Jenn and you’ll discover how drama-free MBA applications can be!

Sarah upped our grammar game by about a thousand points when she joined the team. Our resident writing expert and soon-to-be Northwestern University PhD in English, Sarah is an absolute genius at helping clients express themselves in the clearest, most authentic, and most powerful way possible.

She’s obsessed with the written word, having studied the craft of writing in educational and professional settings for more than a decade. Like the rest of us here, she’s a teacher at heart, which is why I hired her immediately when I heard she was passionate about the art of self-expression.

Choose Sarah if you want to get in touch with your writerly identity, channel your own unique voice, and emerge as a confident and influential communicator.


This is Britt. She was my first hire. But before she was my teammate, she was my client. We worked together to get her into HBS back when she was a consultant at Monitor Deloitte, and we had a roaring good time doing it. So when she decided to leave the Bay Area start-up scene a few years after her MBA, I knew I needed to bring her onto the Career Protocol team.

I just love her infectious, joyful energy, and you will too!! She’s our Career Czar and Chief Fun Officer, and her mission is to make applying to business school something you and all of our clients look back on fondly. She lives for helping her clients design inspiring career paths based on their experiences and passions. But her favorite part is the introspection and deeper self-awareness you’ll develop working with her. That and the laughter.

It’s gonna be fun if you’re lucky enough to work with Britt.


When Aziz and I first met, we felt like we might have been separated at birth. At least in terms of our values and passions and ways of viewing the world.

After countless hours of talking about our obsession with the importance of human connection and community, we decided to collaborate. It started with an app project and blossomed into him coming onto the Career Protocol team because what we do here is so well aligned with what makes him come alive.

His Booth essays (yep, he’s a Boothie) are some of the most beautiful I’ve ever read, so you know he’s a brilliant guide to finding your own story. And his entrepreneurial background gives him a very unique perspective on your future. Since he charted his own course so successfully, he knows that the world is your oyster, and he’s a genius at helping you connect with your potential and your best career path.

Choose Aziz if you want to chart your course towards new possibilities and unimagined success in your career.


And here's our
Amazing Support Team!

Claire Eskander


Claire is our Chief Librarian and Data Guru. She’s on top of all the MBA shizz and collects and manages all the in-depth research we share with our clients.

Agostina Ahumada


Tina makes everything around here look pretty. She’s our brilliant Graphic and Web Designer. Give her a shout out on our Instagram!



Jonny is our Video and Multimedia Manager. He’s helped us up our media game and produced a lot of cool stuff.
Give him a big hello on YouTube!


Leanne is our Community Director and Choreographer. She makes sure all we creative cats are herding ever more efficiently in productive directions.

Martina illustrator


Martina is our Illustrator. She designed and created all our unique images. She helps us keep it fresh and original, just like we help our clients do!

Career Protocol's Core Values:

We always aim up.
We don’t buy into disempowering perspectives or weakness thinking. “Can’t” isn’t a thing around here.

Joy is the bar.
No matter how much we achieve, if we don’t have fun doing it, what’s the point?

We’re all big kids here.
Direct communication and honesty respect the dignity and greatness in others.

We’re all in this together.
We don’t compete, we connect and collaborate.

We each have our own unique song to sing in life, and it’s our duty and privilege to sing it.

We’re in love with what we don’t know. We ask big questions and listen. We genuinely want to know you.

It’s not our job to tell anyone what to do. We’re here to cheer on inspired action.

Love is the why behind everything we do. Love is the only reason any of us humans ever do anything.

Want to be a part of this?
We’re waiting for you